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Why do we all love maestro? My official secret admirer thread.

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  • Why do we all love maestro? My official secret admirer thread.

    Struggling to find an answer? I know, I know. Let me show you why, we all love the one who calls himself maestro.

    Lets start with how tough he is. He is such a badass, it gives me chills...

    --"if a bunch of karate guys wanna pay me to beat them up in japan or wherever they are, then sure ill go."--

    --"lolo, i dunno. once they hit me with their bony limbs i might get angry and beat up some malnutritioned village of nigerians--

    --i would still go though actually, so yea start a fund for me and onesping, after we done we come to thailand and teach u guys a thing or 2 lol"--(btw, i thought you were there.)--

    --"your by far the most tolerant person ive ever met on the internet, we will see the limits of your tolerance when we meet lolo"--

    --"those movies look extremely gay"--

    --"espcially not me, unless im talking about gung fu, because if u disagree with me i will kill you!!!"--

    Okay, in his sig, he claims to believe in chi, either that or he is mocking it in a subtle way (though he does this naturally). (i dont think maestro can do complex things like that) And we all know he's the progenitor of chi, he is the maestra after all.

    --"doc when we meet we will have to exchange energy so we can elevate each others chi levels and by energy i mean cookie dough lolo YOU BETTER HAVE SOME!!!"--

    -- "Use your sinews, because "shen" , the ability to use spiritual sources, allows to achieve a great success. Sinews are chiefs of bones. If sinews tremble, "chi" energy is wasted. Furthermore, sinews are transmitters of information of three senses(vision, hearing and mind). If you are in possession of them, it is a great success." ven lam sai wing--

    He has such deep philosophies, and such wisdom:

    --"yea, people are stupid so what"--

    --"maybe chuang tzu was right"--

    --"thats not an opinion its a fact but has nothing to do with my own personal interest in the subject

    and appreciation of life lies within an individual, no matter how many heart stopping moments theyve had, people are what they are, imho this shouldnt even be part of the discussion and isnt what i was getting at.... anyway considering your assuming everyone is the same(sterotyping) and that if i was hit by a car tommorow and surivied i would have a revelation that OH**note, he's capitalizing words, this is gonna get good**, god im happy to be alive OH SHIT theres so much i could have done and so much i want to do like go to thailand and train my ass off and chill on a beach and get my wang sucked

    oh wait..... *edited due to nonsense*--


    i read this and thought of you"--

    ---"they dont have pitch forks. pitch forks are made of metal and are therefore beyond their reach. they use their bony hands to sow their fields of dust

    lolo this is borderline ****ed up but whatever its making me laugh"---


    He writes books, and he is also a free thinker:

    "lolo liu i think im going to make a character based on you in the book im writing, that last post sounds like something that belongs in my sig"

    "hey i got a question, i was wondering what u and anyone else thought about microwaves and the effect they have. i know no one here is a scientist but still, ive done a little research and i know for sure microwaves seriously reduce the amount of nutrients in food but how much? and are they really harmful?

    i found this and a bunch of other websites just like it, i just googled microwaves and the effect on food. anyway im just curious, i dont like microwaves regardless i never really have..but could there be something to this and if so could this be a reason(not THE reason) why so many millions of americans get wierdo diseases and the like?

    not to mention our diet ingeneral and lifestyle etc but what abou the microwaves?"

    "i just swallowed a piece of gum, does it really take 7 years to digest?

    i wish i hadnt swallowed the gum, it tasted good but i read a funny post and next thing u know it was in my throat!

    anyway..all kinds of stuff can be dangerous i suppose, genetics plays a role. i am curious though as to what the negative effects of taiji are and which style is being discussed.."

    *additional facts. Maestro is a complete absolute master in wing chun, shaolin, chi manipulation, and iron palm/fist. He also holds the prestige of being able to beat up anyone in the known universe. He also studies fake systems like shaolin-do, but tells no one. Lolo is his favorite word, its also the most intelligent thing he has ever said.
    "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"

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    I guess you're my punching bag today maestro. I know you can handle it.

    "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"


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      that wasnt creative enough, u have to try harder. ask wong kiew kit to transmit more chi to you
      "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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        [ame=""]YouTube - Yung LA feat. Young Dro & T.I. - Ain't I[/ame]
        "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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          Nice post makes me laugh if it is decent to laugh when there is so much suffering on the world.

          Maestro i also love u. Do u want to live in a monkey circle or in a vegetarian circus?

          Peace and love


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            lolo, the monkey circle.

            u know liu i have the thai version of guan yin tatooed on my chest(atleast they told me it was the thai version in HK)

            just thought id add that in there, im really not evil!!
            "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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