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  • actual american map?

    Ken Schouten writes:

    I am Canadian, a regular visitor to, and do not change my habits when I travel. I was in the Beijing airport the other day and there was a group of MBA students from University of Connecticut waiting for the same flight as me. These students were very well dressed for a group of people that has not produced anything of significance to date. I overheard them talk down about some of the clothes and styles of the Chinese, the food they eat, the dirtiness of the cities, etc. One comment stood out: “Beijing, the city that gets under your fingernails.” Nice to be able to talk about your lender that way. They truly do view Asia as a place where people just make stuff for them. I tried to engage one of them: I asked her about the economics courses that she took. She was “not really interested in economics because she was specializing in Marketing and International Business.” Pretty much representative of the rest of the crowd—judging by the comments and conversations that I overheard. On the airplane, I was seated next to a Chinese executive for a large American company; any one of the students could have spoken to this guy and really learned something about International Business and Marketing in China; they were oblivious. This Chinese executive (non-MBA) spoke to me about his concern about the future of the US currency (thinks it will collapse) and diversification plans for the Asian part of the business (do not include US), while the MBA students went on talking about which cars they were going to own after graduation.

    If this is any indication of what is coming out of other schools, the future stewards of American business are clueless.
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