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  • Book: The Shaolin Grandmasters Text

    Hello ladies and gentleman,

    Just found this book on Amazon and was wondering if anyone had read it? "The Shaolin Grandmasters' Text: History, Philosophy, and Gung Fu of Shaolin Ch'an".

    Is the book any good? Is it as "authoratative" as the reviewers are suggesting? And does anyone have any idea who the writters are and if they do indeed have a link to the Shaolin Temple. Are they really monks? I assume as they are in America you guys might know more about the authors.

    Thanks for any help you guys can give, I need something to read now I've finished all the James Bond books, lol.


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    lol, see Gene Ching's review :

    OSC = Order of Shaolin Cowards


    I finally slogged through this piece of crap what a horrid waste of time that was. I must concur with Henning's review in JAMA. What can you expect from 'vanity' publishing?

    This book sucks. It is packed with misinformation. It attempts to appear well researched by citing previous publications, but even the most cursory review of the bibliography reveals that it focuses only on recent titles and only in English. In fact, there are some obvious gaffs in here that clearly indicate that the researchers lack even the most fundamental understanding of Chinese language, much less Chinese culture. It's more of a manifesto - some one obviously put a lot of work into this solely to perpetuate their agenda within their strange belt system school. I get sent a lot of manifestos - this has to be the best presentation so far, but it still lacked content.

    There's two kickers to this - two outstanding things the just sent sent it over the top. One is that it comes with this little apology blow-in card. What kind of book does that? It's out of fear. Second, and this is why I call them 'cowards,' is that they refuse to identify themselves. They give all sorts of excuses for anonymity, but it's it's really ridiculous when you think about it. After all, this is the martial arts. If you can't lay your name and reputation down on the line with something that you publish, you have no right to stand amongst other martial artists that do.

    I feel bad for any newbies who begin their Shaolin journey with this book. They will be so deluded. I can only hope that they can find the truth, in the end.
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      Well that sorts that out then. Guess I'll just have to find something else to read and keep me amused.

      Thanks for the help guys.



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        Read the James Bond books again, and stop wasting your time with these "shaolin expert" books.
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          Ipicked it up...It was mildly intersting, with some good info if your willing to get through the rest of it...If you can find a free copy go for it otherwise...

          My favorite part was in their description of styles when they mention two styles that are unrelated to anything Sholin, then admit that they don't know whether these styles are the same, different or what. Why bother mentioning them?
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            money,money,money money...monaaaay!
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