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    The file size was too big. Try using this .gif
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    Last edited by Steve; 07-12-2006, 04:53 AM.
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      Cheers for that Steve! I had made a more compact version of the file, I guess not compact enough though. Atleast the public can now see the true nature of this Ronald McDonald character.


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        "Fearless" is such a inferior version of the story of Huo Yuanjia ("Fok Yuen Gahp" in cantonese). Jet Li was a Wushu champion many times over, however he utterly failed to bring this character to life. In fact, the first half of the movie made the central character seem like a clown.

        I know Jet Li probably tried his best however, because he along with most mainland Chinese had seen the classic HK TV series on the same subject in 1981 called "The Legendary Fok". In fact almost everyone considered "Fearless" a remake, except that the plot was changed a lot. The only parts which were preserved were fighting the foreigners and getting poisoned.

        The original series did not have Kung Fu superstar such as Jet Li, but it had much better acting and more philosophy, not to mention a classic Cantonese theme song which so many mainlanders learned to sing (including myself). The popularity of the TV series was on a par with Chow Yun Fat's phenomenally successful series "The Bund" from the same period. Mainland Chinese had a remake of this TV series themselves named "Huo Yuanjia" starring Zhao Wenzhuo (Vincent Chiu Man Chuk) several years back which was not received very well due to comparison to the HK original. Jet Li must have known his movie was going to be compared to the original series as well, but unfortunately he fell short nonetheless.

        Here is the intro and theme song to "The Legendary Fok":

        [ame=""]YouTube - 大ä¿*霍元甲 - The Legendary Fok[/ame]


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          i still havent seen fearless

          u know whats a good movie though..equilibrium, thats a good one
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            i liked fearless, but i didn't see the 'original' you mentioned...


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