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    Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (1)
    Cloud Gate (雲門舞集), Taiwan’s first professional modern dance company, combines the study of dance, internal martial arts, traditional Chinese culture, opera and ballet.

    This video was put together with footage taken at a free Cloud Gate event I attended on July, 4th in Fengyuan (台灣省台中縣豐原市), Taiwan, 2009. Picture taking was prohibited, but I still managed to dig this up for DeeJayDog.TV!

    Stay tuned for ‘Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (2),’ Taipei, July 11th, 2009.

    And Enjoy! :-)
    as martial artists i thought you 'russboians' might enjoy this too.

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    I really liked the song they played. The dancing was good, but it was hard to get a real feel for it since we only saw short clips of each dancer.

    Do you know the song?


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      well, i filmed the video myself. the reason there are only short clips shown is because, as the except says, picture taking was prohibited. that's the best i could do. i took shots of what i could....and in the true spirit of freedom (as this was a 'free' outdoor event), i'm posting it to share with the gang.

      cloud gate dancers all study internal martial arts: at least it's a short introduction for those who haven't been exposed to them before. there's no other dance troupe like them, that i know of, on the planet.

      the song is k-hole by cocorosie.


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        lolo, i work all night, go to the gym and im begining to wonder if im either really tired or did that song really say all the crazy shit i thought it did....

        if i could get my hands on the drugs that crazy wench was on when she wrote that song i would be richer then doc in a matter of weeks but then again maybe im dreaming lol
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          music is music bro. don't think so much.

          acrually the reason i posted was because i saw that you're interested in more stories and such. i agree; it's a good idea.

          what will you share?


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            [ame=""]YouTube - 雲門舞集: Cloud Gate (1)[/ame]

            here's the vid. just put it on youtube.


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              Form looks nice but is their body pure non violence/nirmanakaya of a buda?

              Ur friends look cool


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                viddler does not get read by the forum software, thus the lack of video in the forum on the first post
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                  Originally posted by onesp1ng View Post
                  YouTube - 雲門舞集: Cloud Gate (1)

                  here's the vid. just put it on youtube.

                  Pretty cool, i can see the martial arts influence.
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