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  • karate kid remake

    First off, Where is everbody???? This forum seems dead, so in an effort to bring it back to life I give you this.......the remake of The karate Kid.
    What do you guys think about this? The movie stars Jackie Chan as the mister miyagi type character and Jayden smith as the kid. Here is a link to more info and the trailer.

    I don't really have high hopes for this film but will probably go see it anyway when it comes out.

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    i come here almost daily but theres no threads and im just busy man. my life just took a turn for the worse in the last few months, i was supposed to be in thailand living it up right now but oh no, of course i cant have any dreams. lol, but its all good yknow im healthy and working

    as for the karate kid this movie looks good, i love jackie chan, never seen a bad jackie chan movie, and it just looks funny, i cant wait for it to come out. infact if im right the wushu coach in the movie is the iron monkey who starred with donnie yen and the villain kid in the movie looks like the son of magic spear liu from legend of the red dragon with jet li but i could be wrong cause that kid was really young in that movie
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      I've been in a downhill slump with all sorts of shit going on, but I'm getting it handled. will be back soon.
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        Jackie chan is my favorite, but u know my point of view on anima risk and hungry ghosts (palieta, chinese;egui)

        Bruce Lee, i find it too violent, a lot of killing

        Jet Li, i find his energy awful. His amerikan films r full of killing, no? Is that gongfu? Where is the Qinna in movies?

        He made a komercial for milk in China recently (remember the milk skandal). His face just seems terrible to mi.

        I hear he is linked to tantriks...

        Save him! Save his followers!


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          i agree with you liu. most portray the negative aspects way too much.


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            Maybe we should make a vote to c if we agree 2 agree


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              If you need to see a Jet Li film with moral values check out Fearless. Is there violence? Yeah there's violence, but more importantly that violence leads to intense and avoidable suffering and is portrayed as the massive mistake that it was. There are strong reprecussions for the wrath and pride of the protagonist.

              It's a mostly true story that works very well as a buddhist morality play.

              I kind of wish the jayden smith film was named "Gong Fu Kid" there's no karate in it. Silly Americans.
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