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Ancient bronze dildos unearthed in China

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  • Ancient bronze dildos unearthed in China

    Ancient bronze dildos unearthed in China

    Seven ancient bronze dildos have been uncovered from a Han Dynasty tomb in Xian, China. This is the first time so many of them have been unearthed from that era (206 BC - AD 25). Because the dildos were cast from a mold, it suggests there were dildo-specialist artisans. Experts believe members of the royal court as well as aristocratic women used dildos.
    Full story from the Straits Times

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    Is it "dildos" or "dildoes"? Actually, both are correct, but, for some reason, this is bothering me.

    And, considering the era, who knows it these "dildos" were dildos or weapons. Things like this turn up in archealogical digs, and no one ever seems to be sure if they're clubs, or toys for women, or, clubs that women have taken a liking too.
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      members of the royal court
      Pun? Perhaps cast from those very same "members".


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        We've come a long way since those primative clubs. We have lightsabers now.

        Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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