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Russel: logic and philosophy

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  • Russel: logic and philosophy

    Man, i m so excited!

    I just found that book by Bertrand Russel; The History of Western Philosophy

    Russell, i dont say he is good or bad,do i?, is famous english logician and mathematician

    Actually , these days, sorry if i am bad tongue, i am a bit tired of some sorts of chinese delirium and i was craving to read some logic. Yesterday i checked Descartes, Discours de la methode, freely avalaible on the web (i suppose nobody will get in my private affairs and choose for me not to read it). In fact i never really read it and was shocked into shame it is so funny, though i dont trust Descartes (but the first pages r dedicated to his own stupidity and the fact that good sense is the thing most shared in the world (le bon sens est la chose au monde la mieux partagee))

    Though i m not going to write for the desert and waste my time so i reproduce my mail to my wife Liu

    "Here u can read for free the Discours de la methode by stupid philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes

    Luanfang, u should read at least until page 15, it is quite funny and interesting. Having studied mathematic, logic, algebra, geomety, philosophy and theology in a jesuit school, he tries to find a method to direct thoughts...

    I love it when he says that tired of the contradictios of the philosophers (who, he says, never go out of their room!) and kommon people, fortunated not to b tormented by any passio, he decides to stay alone in a poele (difficullt to translate this sunwukong play on word. a poele is something to heat a room (how the l can u stay in apoele?) but the sounds also means a hair of the beard!)...

    How to say discours de la methode in chinese?

    What place does logic and method have in chinese thought? I find, maybe i am bad tongue, too much taste for crazy situations..."

    To get back to Russell, i really recommand that book or i can share it later or if u have questio, leave me a message

    A} I started with the chapter on perceptio and knowledge according to Plato

    Theetetes: proposing definitions of knowledge all refutated,no conclusion
    Is "snow is white" a knowledge? Is "2+2=4" knowledge? Does mathematical knowledge change?

    Protagoras: man is measure of everything... What u perceive is not what i might perceive
    Heraclit: everything material is changing> What i perceive is changing and myself is changing...

    B} Then i went to introductio... A very clear and short picture of philosophy trough ages, i thought.

    He defines philosophy as middle way between theology and science. Theology is dogma, science is knowledge, isnt it?

    Athenians, inportance of freedom linked to the city state implies ethical and philosophical politics. Sparte, different. Russell compares it to Germany and Russia (he finished the book in 1945).

    But when come the empire, starting with Alexander at the time of Aristotle, freedom starts disappearing, rational thought is overpowered by religion, ethics stops to be linked with the state and collectivity. The stoiciians precedes christianism in seeing ethic linked to God and not to the State...

    Ans so on...

    On final note, p xvi, "The opinio - that "we ought to Obey God rather than Man" as Socrates and the Apostle said- survived the conversio of Constantine, becaue the early Christian emperors wereArians or inclined to Arianism> When the emperors became orthodox,it fell into abeyance. In the Bizantine Empire it remained latent. as also in the subsequent Russian Empire which derived its Crhistianity from Constantinople*

    *That is why the modern Russian does not think that we ought to obey dialectical materialism rather than Stalin"


    As introductio to philosophy for the novice i suggest listen The clash Magnificent seven and Rock the Kasbha, on "my" page

    Hiippie peace and free love
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