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Animal RIGHTS and punishment of OFFENCES????

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  • Animal RIGHTS and punishment of OFFENCES????

    ever since i arrived in China, i ve been trying to organize things for animal rights (not to mention other problematiks). Yet, in my stupid eyes, i am facing the problem that in China individuals and civil society are not used to organize themselves, and they often wait for somebody else to do the job. Plus add my own anarchitik style that might rebuff many people.

    I had many girl friends, that said they would help me (my wife, Gan Yan, Yeshi, Alice, to list a few), but in the end nothing was done. I had kontaketd peta, and had the authorization to use their videos, bekause i think videos r more eyes opening about the reality (that is where my problematik of psykosis kom. i believe people live in a child fanatsy world where ALL animal they eat want to die and are happy and not SLAVES. (problems of the universal and the quasi impossibilty to prove it, no?) Not talking about animal experimentation). I was hoping somebody would help me translate them, but nobody did. I had also made a whole plan for a non dogmatikal website to diskuss animal rights from a philosophikal point of view, with forum, etc... But nobody helps me. I have searched, but here seem there is no animal right assoication in GZ. And i dont plan to do the work for other...

    As to kreate events i posted a few, like Hippie gathering or philosophikal debate about what is that was nonviolence, but NOBODY kame. I agree it must be my style who is wrong, but stupidly, i m attached to essence not to form. I must b wrong. Yet i was philosophy teacher a long time ago, but i think people do not respekt that and like Sokrate said in the Republik, it is not the teacher should run after the student. People might kall me crazy, bnut let them try to pass my exams in politikal skool or as philophy teacher. I think it is insulting to kall me mad or a freak. Philosophy is a different discipline and methodology that take years to be mastered, if that is possible and needed. u kannot transmit that easily.

    To end with the problematik of animal RIGHTS, my stupid view these days, is that a lot of people r kontaminated with hungry ghosts 9egui0>? . I ve been veg for quite a time and my organs and mind might b quite different and i might perceive differently. So what kan i do. If u believ a bit in daoism (i dont want to manipulate u, do i?), in nature (ZIRAN, spontaneity) (is to put an animal in fackorty, lab or cage, natural???), or even reinkarnation, i think a lot of people might have to pass trough the suffering they have been taking part and that will teach them a lesson. Maybe i am wrong. cf the myth of Er, about metempsykosis, in the last pages of the Republik (book X)

    U see my problem?

    Peace and love

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    I see your problem.

    You're in a country that eats dogs, and you're interested in animal rights.

    Small problem. Good luck with that.
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      Doc, i think i m facing a huge mental illness in China. I mean not me, well i m psykotik but i think i start to analyze and kontrol it quite korrektly, but really the mental situation is soooooooooooo strange....

      I think neurosis is most widely spread. Censorship and so on...

      But then u interakt with people who live in eartquake place, might die any sekond and have their children have brain trauma for 3 days then die of thirst.


      this morning i kall my sister Gan Yan (born 5/12/1971). She lives in Shangrila, Himalaya.

      She answers quite angry


      (Me i think, SHI=Dragon, snake, earthquake> She is having a problem)

      I ask her how she is (Ni zenme yang?)

      She says

      "U give me headache, i dislike u."

      Hang down the phone


      Well, didnt Tara used to be my lover?


      As Jung pointed the problem is chinese r not used to komunikatio. It is very diffikult and they r not opened to psykoanalytik kure. Really diffikult.

      What to do?


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        Tell your sister to join the forum here.

        Sounds like we could use her. Direct. I like it.
        Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

        "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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          SHe is too busy with making money i think

          For last years after 3 minutes on the phone, always say tai gui tai gui, too expensive

          i wonder if she is talking of the fakt i would like to make love if we talk more but i think the money obession is also real


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            people r crazy about money just about everywhere. but money is just another form of energy. i don't think that's the prob. in my eyes it's lending institutions, media, etc censorship to ideas and other means of living that is problematic.

            speaking of the media, i had a little 5 year old girl sing to me last night when i got home from work. the tune? thank you thank you, you're welcome you're welcome.

            now there might not seem to be a huge connection with what was previously mentioned, but i beg to differ.

            anyhow, liu we love you on russbo...but are you easy to get along with? seems your 'sister' had a very strange reaction. sometimes when we push views on others we also push them away from us.

            just some (vegetarian) food for thought...
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              btw, u shouldn't make love with ur sister. even if it's offered and she's hot. but maybe that's my own personal psychosis speaking. lol..


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                  Yes 1, u r right thank u.

                  ipush too much people, i lack patience and sensitivity i think.

                  on the other hand, yan gan (not hongan from vietnam) have serious mental issues i think. veg often tends to be narcisstik: she keeps on insulting lamas and wuseng and once told me she was animal godess...

                  also leaving in earthquake place (kunming in her childhood, now shangrila) doesnt help i think ( r u not afraid in taiwan?)


                  as to make love, i think it kan b deep mystiks but these days eternity is drowning in impermanece, no?

                  where is the cirkle of the sokratik guardian ofthe republiks (after all, yes greece might have one pekuliaritywhich is not so much their bad democracy than their praise of homosexulaity, no?)


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