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  • Do we or don't w ????

    Just noticed recently that a few folks around here are seeming a little less than usual selves and ( besides possibley reconsidering a falun rehash myself , unless ..... I don't ) am just wondering how many of us here are actually meditating?
    For those that do, how often are we doing this and on what???
    Personally I do myself daily on emptyness and universe jazz just to not think for a bit and allow myself to go quiet inside and hear what's not meant to be there but I figured that the thread 'd be an intersting look regardless so cheers and feel free to share.


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    I used to meditate everyday, but now I don't. I don't fell the passion anymore, because I eliminated it. Owned.
    Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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      i don't and never have meditated much. the honest truth is, most people whom i've known throughout life who were heavily into meditation were anything but relaxed, focused or "centered". it seems to me that the wackier claims about meditation have a way of attracting a very unconventional crowd, to put it nicely. and no, i'm not just talking about beginners.

      not to be mean but, case in point.


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        I rather just take a nap.
        I do not have a psychiatrist and I do not want one, for the simple reason that if he listened to me long enough, he might become disturbed.
        "Life can keep providing the rain and I'll keep providing the parade."
        "I would just like to say that after all these years of heavy drinking, bright lights and late nights, I still don't need glasses. I drink right out of the bottle."
        "Whatever guy said that money don't buy you pleasure didn't know where to go shopping"


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          To achieve something real through meditation you have to be fully dedicated to it.It's not enough to seat on the floor in lotus position.Some spent 40 years meditating full time and never found what they wanted:Why?They were looking for an answer but there is no question,it's all about killing desires of any nature.
          There are many ways for meditating,through all religions and cultures it has been researched.Most of us even DO meditate without knowing it,and it's nothing but an obligation,because there is nothing to get from it,or if you hope to get anything(litteraly)you are on the wrong path.
          Also having acces to your subconscious may be dangerous without a proper guide and you may think that you got something where you are totally wrong and still drunk of illusions.

          Meditating?It has to be taken carefully!
          The East? The West?

          Men and Women, that's all...


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            "Sleep is the best meditation." Dalai Lama
            Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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              Originally posted by zachsan
              i don't and never have meditated much. the honest truth is, most people whom i've known throughout life who were heavily into meditation were anything but relaxed, focused or "centered". it seems to me that the wackier claims about meditation have a way of attracting a very unconventional crowd, to put it nicely. and no, i'm not just talking about beginners.

              not to be mean but, case in point.

              To begin with ...........both the dalai , the soke Haatsumi and the abbott 've told you all , that if you sleep during your meditation , you're doing it wrong!!! Sleep is sleep and meditation is meditation . They're similar brain patterns and frequencies , but totally different.
              It's as tedious at times to meditate as your hour isos can be , but it's about discipline / focus and committment and taking time out of your concious day to hash things out in real life persective............ or at minimum, just go quiet or empty minded a moment , where if no great insights are gained, at minimum, you're body reaps huge physiological benifits and live longer and better for having done it.
              On martial game and meditation though, it's also a wellknown concept that to meditate on your forms being played , or competitors and other considerations etc, that you're game will become tighter. It also works for life goals and jazz and in business and communication seminars is called "creative visulisation".

              S[peaking of not being focussed though and as far as focus goes , your take on how focussed someone else is on the task , depends entirely on the size and parameters of the task you think they're focussing on.
              ............... different lvls of knowing a world to operate and why so many fighters ( including monks ) and serious business folks even are single for so long.

              As for being relaxed.......... ( & not mentioning wiskey for even a moment) I think it's perfectly natural to become emotionally out of sorts as you gather new insights and enter transitional growth. It's like when 2 realities collide and obviously there's turbulance until it gives either way........ you grow and purpsue something else on higher psychological operandi or you step back and accept the new reality as a dilema ( or hardship ) of your old one .

              On the conventional crowd though , as it turns out......... the "convential " crowd here in Australia, as in the minister of health and friends , have recently been following and now support research based insights on the benifits of both alternative therapy and meditation ( for many many things and most particularly relating to cancer and the benifits of focus and relaxation it gives it's suffers, not to mention the obvious well documented research data on the effects of "corperate " business employees and so on ( in both health and productivity from reduction of stress and increase of focus and daily demeanor )and now also ( but only because of the science ) have publicly advocated it , endorsed it and plegded to and appealed to the national public to consider this themselves as a viable thumbs up option.

              And no I'm not conventional, ............... but neither were the folks swearing the earth wasn't flat!!!! ............long as you're onto it though Zach........seems we'll all be fine !




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                I read it the first time thx!! ( but fyi , I might just try that again )


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                  Let me show you why i think you must be happier than me in your naivety,ans how small and inhibited you definitly are:
                  "{[/ QUOTE/]} : " I'll let you figure out what you all bout"This in enough for me to know that you are suffering,LOL

                  "find something that's bugging you and sit and run possibilities and effects until you find a peace resoloution and walah:succesful meditation(btw : I've learnt , taught this for 16yrs.."------>16 years on the wrong path,damned it's too late for you,really.

                  When i read you,as well as when i read your posts since a while now,i only see egocentrism and mind masturbation,which makes me hundred per cent sure that you are everything but enlightned,but more of a kind of self conscious spoilt brat over confident.

                  I have no respect for you,i just feel nothing.I bet the best you have to do now is to enter a real fight and get your ass kicked(god i wish i was the one),or maybe find a man who ****s you well would help you to release all this shit you hold inside.

                  I tried to be patient with you,but i really couldn't stand it anymore(LLLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL),and i think i'm not the only one here on internet or in Australia!(mostly your friends if you have some)
                  Hey,advice,create your own forum,where only you can acess,then you could ask questions and anwer it all by yourself!

                  Alright you can now quote from here and demonstrate your all mighty wisdom i don't give a ****,bloody hell!
                  The East? The West?

                  Men and Women, that's all...


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                    again BL, as i said, i was putting it nicely. i wasn't really talking about conventional vs. unconventional, i was talking about sane vs. ****ing nuts.


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                      I do standing qigong which I find greatly centering and helpful with turning off the mind chatter prior to training, but I don't classically meditate in the OM 'sit still and focus on nothing' sense...

                      I practice knife throwing and I tend to mull over problems/ideas while doing that...
                      Whatever doesn't kill me had better be able to run damn fast.

                      "You are one of the most self-deluded immature idiots I've come across here for a time..." —Blooming T. Lotus


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                        i like to drink a lot and play rock and roll.


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                          yah.......... we noticed...........

                          While it's on the table though, I want to make something clear ( and especially to yourself and Flow) ............

                          Firstly Zachsan, fancy thinking that I lack focus or direction and am not peaceful or relaxed!! ( Speking of insults and jumping to naive ego - driven perspectives)

                          Check this out..........


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                            Yah ............. we noticed!

                            Anyway though, considering it's already now on the table , I thought it would likely be a good time to make myself clear ( and particularly toboth yourself and flow ).........

                            Speaking of insults and naive perspectives based on inexperience and egotism, fancy even trying to say that I lack focus , direction and aren't peacful or relaxed!!
                            It seems to me Zachy that you guys are the ones acting immrely and ungenerously berating ppl ( overvaluing your own wisdom and such) rather than the playing and communicating nicely nor fairly the majority of the time.
                            Look at the MJ poll thread for a start ( & from about a month ago should do it btw ), where a couple of you ( and Plumflower and yourself Zach as the mainoffenders and why I've said what I have about her behaviour and so on) were just totally and constantly abusing one poor person and throwing insults at them lft rght and centre , & just because the guy had another take and supported a diffrent view...........despite his own conduct.
                            ........then , .....back to back with that incident, on te scientology thread, you did the same thing again , and again because someone had different information and so had reached a different conclusion about it ( and in that case ...........a slighty more informed one!!!! ) .

                            Personally , I didn't even neccessarily subscribe to any view he was supporting there nor share the same beliefs he used to form his opinions , but open mindedly and less emotively in both cases, decided to keep an open mind and hear them out nontheless. ............ and likewise stick up for them when you started abusing them and unfairly chewing them out and being antogonistic in your interaction in the discussions.

                            That does not Imo sound like actions and behaviours of mature ppl at peace with their worlds and that's twice now it caught my attention as being a way more spiritualy needy and slighty less settled , experienced and mature folks act in these circumstances. ..............

                            I'm not done yet and I do have more to say so read on if you choose............

                            ( Zachsan : btw : If the sex doesn't have a mind masturbation component involved .......I don't want it anyway ............. continue though )
                            Last edited by blooming tianshi lotus; 07-08-2005, 12:48 AM.


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                              If someone disagrees with you , rather than calming just statingyour own humble opinions and sharing whatever information you have yourself, you seem to prefer to just berate ppl with personal attacks and insults. I personally try myself though, to not treat ppl like that and only point out character discperancies I have with them if I can also give them something supportive / constructive and positive to work with aswell.
                              Imo, you present as argumentative anti - minoritists and fair enough................. If that's how you get your kicks , I guess it just is............. just don't expect any grown up nor wise and benificent points for it , although know that your granly spiritedness ( likely and usually stemming from a deeper and needier personal conasideration issue you clearly have ) will be noted.

                              I don't think you're neither peaceful nor relaxed ppl myself and I also think you are harsh and much less tolerant than ppl often deserve.
                              Bullys are a part of our worldthough ( and this is nothing knew of any of us ) - just like there are also ppl who will give those underdog views and ppl a fair trial and fair or slightly kinder treatment and stick up for them regardless.
                              I'm sure that you don't really expect me to fall on my knees and worship your wisdoms for it though nor do you seriously expect me to admirenor desire for myself your mannerisms and behaviour ( or qwhatever drives you to act that way).
                              Considering that growth is a long and arduous task that imho we face as human beings, and just happens when it does ( and additionally and imho is the whole point of our existance ) I guess we just learn to live with ppl as they are and appreciate their right to be where ever their path has brought them.

                              Cheers anyway and peace ha.

                              Blooming Tianshi Lotus

                              Ps : The fight title I was chasing was just something I was doing as an interim lower priority goal and only existed because I was there and training with them...........
                              ...........others that know me better and have longer, know that for the last 3 yrs, I've been persuing just gongfu in general ( and might remember that I've often said that anything at all I do in this capacity has nothing to do with anything anyone else is or isn't doing ..........and so what if they train less or I can this or that better or to them ........and thx just quietly for reminding me of that ) , peace consistancies from various systems to system ( alah phd research ) to put something back into the community and a medical degree in both eastern and western thought. Hardly drifting but thx for ...........reflecting on it .

                              Last edited by blooming tianshi lotus; 07-08-2005, 12:45 AM.


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