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    I dont know if i m right but at that time of my philosophical and meditation life i feel the central question i have to concentrate on is how to end the suffering of every being in the fastest way.

    So for me it means understand what is suffering/who experiences suffering, what are the causes of suffering, which suffering to end first, how to end it.

    So i think i need priorities in directing my energy towards the most important suffering and i need right ways of actions, for instance collective actions.

    I feel i need a plan.

    So that is my question, is there any plan to end the suffering of every being in the budist field or anywhere?

    Does Shaolin have a plan? Is it working collectively on it or are they just individuals acting without true harmony?

    Can i find a master in China that can teach me the fastest way possible? Can u give me some clues?

    Please help me and every beings such as animals and humans and hell beings. I feel desesparate pondering on such questions alone.

    Peace and love

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    Here's a Chinese master that will one day show you how to end the suffering of every human being on earth:

    Give them time.
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      we got flying saucers, they wont ever beat that
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        "Hell beings"?


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          Hell being i m not a specialist but i think it exists.

          In the mantra of great compassion of Avalokistevara (not saying this bodisatva is real, but might be, i dont know), om mani pedme hung,
          om is the class of hell beings.

          other syllabs are for other class of being: hungry ghosts, animals, humans, asura, devas

          u can think a mass murderer is a hell being or some bad energies u have in u. it has an internal psychological meaning

          other aspects of existence of hell beings i dont know


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