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Powa: transfer of konsciousness at death

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  • Powa: transfer of konsciousness at death

    Today after the departure of Dalai Lama ( i boykotted the inititiatio of Avalokistevara, the tantrik system being too systematik in my stupid philosophia) i started a retreat on Powa, transfer of konsciousness at death. I have made such a retreat 3 year ago, kuite interesting, though i doubt.

    It seemed pretty kool at first, Ayang rinpoche from drikung kagyu, though i dont like the idea of a dragon/earthquake skool, all the more related to Milarepa the killer that doesnt go to jail and bekoms a buda.

    At lunch i diskussed with one of his student, Klaud, a german girl. I asked her what result her praktice of powa brought, she didnt want to talk, saying she kould diskuss that only with her master. All in all i found her a bit sektarian, but i dont really know, do i?

    Then afternoon, nice vajrsattva powa, though all the vizualisatio seem a bit brainwashing to my sophik mind, but each individual have difffeent needs, isnt it?

    Then powa on vajrayogini. U have 2 visualize vajrayogini with weapons and bloody dead heads inside u. I said no, i boykott akording to Fawang jing, Bramajala sutra, that states a bodisatva is not allowed to have weapons in his place. At that time night had kame and in the deem light Ayang rinpoche looked like a zombie, a devil without life inside.

    So i said i left and threw the yijing that told that one who leaves alone will find a komrad and that disease should b kured fast.

    I left a bottle of water, some punk songs and some veg food.

    Not talking about aum shirinkyo, powa and dalai lama...

    Agur from animalya askatasuna!

    May all beings be free, without suffering, without dogmatism and in absolute non violence for every beings such as animals, humans, ghosts, hungry ghosts (petas), war beings (jealous beings) dogmatic beings, attached 2 senses/body/sensual /pleasure and pain/emotional joy and suffering beings, hell beingss ,not seeing mystics beings, not looking 4 eternity but impermanence beings, taking risks beings, not wanting to know beings, not loving themselves beings, not deeply inquiring the validity or not of budist emptiness of independant existence and dionysiac socratic theories of essence/ideas, not understanding self beings
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