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    This is the information from th eoriginal website that notified me. Peace and good journey
    Registration Closes Tonight at Midnight ...

    Kalachakra 2004 Toronto

    Please encourage others to join. Anyone can join by emailing


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      Well daodejing i have been brought up from a very spiritual part of life from my lovely gran. She is a spiritual medium which i am a very big believer in the spirit world and reincarnation. During out Psychic development we meditate we basically sit inside a warm room not to hot or cold becuase it can affect us when we are in a conciouse trance, then after we take about 7 slow deep inhale and exhale breathes, from that we what is known as root ourself in to mothers earth from that we take in and ground ourselves with the earths energy. we both then visualise a cloud of energy or like a dome shape floating towards or coming down and then forming around us this is known basically as a psychic protection this allows us to be within ourselves and energy without any forces of negative feelings, thoughts and other energys. from this we then say a prayer for protection and connecting with anyone from the world of spirit. then we focus on our chakra energies which we open up which allows us to become more in which our spiritual side form this point i get very warm in temperature after the chakras have been opened up i quickly send healing to all the people who suffer in the psyical world and those who have passed on to the lovely world of spirit. this is just very brief i hope this may have helped daodejing if you would like to ask questions you can email me on or jusr ask questions in this forum ok!


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        Shaolin_steve, I have heard that the goal of meditation is to do it just for the meditation as it is, not to reach some other realm, after all, it's all in your mind. Also, if you see something in your meditation, don't follow it. Also don't strain to remain in a certain state of mind.
        The intire brain/mind must be at ease, not thinking, nor not thinking.


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          I have to agree on this, Shaolin Steve holds a very New Agey view on meditation. These people are often laughed at and disregarded as being useless, whether they are or not is not the point. However, I personally would not subscribe the type of meditation he lays out.

          The main thing is to become calm enough where you can start to investigate things, figure out whats going. This is not an analytical reasoning, but an open-mind contemplation on oneself and the surronding environment.

          Taoist Alchemy is also very interesting and there are many kinds, if you would like to practice Inner Alchemy or any kind of meditation at all, it may be best to find a teacher, who can help dispel any difficulties that may arise.

          If you don't have difficulties in your meditation, then you are not practicing meditation.
          "For some reason I'm in a good mood today. I haven't left the house yet, though. "

          "fa hui, you make buddhism sexy." -Zachsan

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            these days, anytime i try to meditate in my own home, my neighbors end up filing a complaint with the landlord, or, most recently, calling the cops, so lately i can only get it done when i go to my guitarist's basement in university city.

            meditation, for me, usually takes place on the weekends, right after i wake up in the "morning". i use potions and spirits made with choice herbs to massage my internal organs and relax my mind. when that's done, i partake of a bit more of these spirits and potions, just to "make sure" i'm ready for intense meditation. then i hop on the R5 to center city.

            once i'm in my guitarist's basement, i usually partake of some more hops-derived potions, or, if i'm feeling especially adventerous, spirits arising from corn or barley mash. if i'm really lucky, i can even burn a ceremonial herb or two, depending on how reasonable the neighborhood's spirit guides are feeling that day.

            once all the preparations are over, it's simply a matter of turning on the spirit amps and beating away at the sacred drums, and next thing you know, it's 8:30 p.m. and his neighbors are complaining, too.

            i've tried that other kind of meditating, where you just sit there, and it never quite did it for me. usually i would imagine myself behind the sacred drums, or become so bored that i found it necessary to turn to my potions and spirits.


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              I have been doing some thinking an came up with an interesting idea. Einstein had what he called thought experiments. Basically, he asked himself a question then thought about asking a solution. The thing is it worked. Even the stuff people thought he was wrong about he was actually right. Hmm... back to the original question.

              When I train at the school I go to, before class begins we mediate at the start and end of classes. I've done that for a few years. When I mediate by myself, I usually try to go some place without alot of noise. Just a little so, I have something to relax too.

              I have out in the woods, which can be good nice to listen too. I also sing at church (I don't think we are talking about the same thing here). Like the older hymns, as they have a nice rhythm.
              "If you want pure self-defense buy a can of mace." Grandmaster Villari (I think that is it).


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                First, it is spelled meditate. Second.. you should ask yourself if you want to be a metaphysicist or a buddhist.


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                  So, is the question//////like.....

                  1. Are the hymns you hear in church similar to the sounds of nature, and thus helpful when meditating?

                  2. Or, does sound generally assist you in meditation?



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                    Both neither, who knows...

                    When I sing hymns its like helps me to relax.

                    I think it does.
                    "If you want pure self-defense buy a can of mace." Grandmaster Villari (I think that is it).


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                        Forum User Daodejing,

                        I am aware and not aware

                        P.s.:Ask anything


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