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    Never heard of 108 acupuncture cavities. Please research that and get back to us, if you would. Interesting concept.

    108 comes from an ancient Chinese story, about some bandits that protected a village from some warlord. There were 108 of them; they are revered because of their sacrifice. Kind of like Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai". 108 also is the number of famous arhats in Buddhism, from what I've been told. The temple across from Shaolin, has I think, 108 statues, of these famous arhats. One of Shaolin's most revered gong fu forms, Da Lohan, has 108 steps, in memory of these 108 arhats.
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      well for one thing when i wrote that i wasnt even thinking about wkk..and actually when it comes down to it i didnt really see anything wrong with what he said in regards to buddhism..because he never really said anything

      all he did was criticize the monks about there hair not being short enough(was that not the stupidest thing ever?)

      he never really made himself out to be some zen master..just a cosmic chi kung fu grandmaster cancer killer..

      but when it comes to buddhist schools ingeneral there are disagreements about well for 1 vehicles..and 2 about enlightenment..and 3 the lineage/history/originality of buddhism

      heres a good example..arhat you are a pretty down to earth guy..and you dont exactly agree with pureland right?

      my point is why do you waste your time disliking or denying other ideas? i know your not walking around all the time curseing pureland just saying

      theres to many variables for ANYONE to put limits on ANYTHING you cant see pureland buddhists are a little screwy and then go home and feel better because your philosophy makes more sense to you personally

      i mean buddhism is full of the idea of the mind creating reality and how the world is an illusion and this and that

      just because something doesnt make sense or doesnt agree with this persons lifestyle or that persons beliefs doesnt make it so

      maybe these puerlanders do blossom out of a lotus into paradise after they die...maybe not but we will never know!!!

      or better yet..youll never know and be able to tell

      you cant show and tell after your dead, and death is the ultimate mystery so really..if you believe in life after death(and when it comes down to it all religions do) you cant put limits on anything

      thus you cant put limits, or set paths or boundaries or whatever on buddhism

      you shouldnt..but people do, now i mean when i say you cant i mean you cant and still be right i mean really thats just assuming you know it all and none of us do, even the buddha didnt know everything and he didnt assume to

      there should be no boundaries in buddhism, there shouldnt be any misconceptions on what the ultimate goal is ..but there is

      and the same thing goes for christianity like you said

      but it is different with christianity..its not as bad as buddhism..christianity has many different schools but they all agree on what the ultimate aim is ..union with god..returning to gods kingdom ..bla bla bla, the only differences are traditions and vehicles..thats it, its kinda wonderful in a way and its probably why christianity is one of the fastest growing religions..

      on the other hand with buddhism you got 1 side that says you can never attain buddha hood, then you got chan which points directly at the mind and says yes YOU can anytime..any place..anybody

      then theres others like purelanders who use buddha as a crutch and sorta do buddhism half ass

      its just a mess imho and its why i turn to chan for simplicity...and directness..and effectiveness..and overall fun

      but its not matter to me really people are gonna do whatever they wanna do and the more they do it the better they get at it, and its sad but these buddhist have been having it their way for a pretty long time now, and i doubt were gonna see much change in that area but i dont think change is needed..people are different and the buddha wanted it that way..

      i mean i know im coming off as some kind of wanna be reformist but thats not what im just saying there is a wide range of differentation in buddhism and i personally dont like it..but i accept and understand it

      im just lucky i came across chan its so perfect for me its unbelievable..and taoism comes in second and its no surprise!

      i mean i dont really rank these particular religions i just have more of a passion for one then the other, but i still favor basically all religions and there many schools(which they all have..)

      soo rant is gonna end now..hope we can keep the buddha talk goin for a bit longer..its nice hearing what you people have to say, i love hearin about the shaolin temple chan its great..always good stuff..

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        Well as far I knew, in dim mak, or any system of chin na cavity strikes, there are 108 strikeable cavities on the human body, of these 36 are potentially lethal when struck properly, and the other 72 are not lethal but still capaple of causing great injury and other fun things when struck properly. As for sources, I cant even remember who told me that. It was a long time ago. Suffice it to say it doesnt really matter, the chinese liked the numbers 36, 72, and 108 so they applied them to many many things. Oh well, sort of like the arabs and 40. The number 40 is to arabic what the number 10,000 is to mandarin. It just means a hell of alot, or just everything. The 10,000 things, the 40 thieves. Rain for 40 days and 40 nights. I'm going to have to stop my brain now before it gets a hankering to do multivariable calculus......
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          I think that it all started with the 18 Lohans . 18 x 2 = ? .....then it blossomed from there eventually ending up at 108. The long bead strings that the monks wear around their necks or that are put on Guan yins statue have 108 beads. There are two little strands that are attached to the larger set of 108 that have 18. The original number that went back to Tamo's form. The malas worn on the wrist that have the characters of the heart sutra (that are so fashionable right now) have eighteen beads traditionally.

          So it was explained to me that the form that Doc mentioned went from the eighteen lohan movements to the eighteen lohan forms to the 36 to the 54 to the 108 movement form. The only information I know about 72 was from the mountain range of Shaolin Temple. There are 72 mountains in the range. Each had its own discipline that it was known for and apparently you would go there for three months and learn the skills and then return to Shaolin Temple. But it has been a long time since this has been talked about at the temple in NY so i could be off on some of this stuff. This is the little bit of info I have on the number stuff. As far as the buddhism in general i have so much to say and I have nothing to say. (Take that you Chanmasters out there!!!)


          Yes, i am back (kinda) but still so busy!!!! When college ends in may i might have more time to get back to russbo island!


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            What is that crazy picture? I don't recall putting any picture there??!!! anyway I just recently saw a movie called The Cup which was pretty interesting. Old meets new kinda thing. Young monks want to watch the soccer game....they approach the abbot and he......well watch the movie. Brought up alot of interesting subjects which I am sure have always been around about how things change.



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              Sloans are like buses - a complete absence of them for weeks, and then two come along at once...

              (That picture's your avatar, Bohdi)


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                that pesky double edged sword...

                ...this kind of thinking is what got you whacked with a stick.

                While there is no duality, at the same time one must cultivate wisdom to understand the truth. Some things must necessarily be accepted and some things dismissed.

                It is true that attainment can be realized at any moment, like Hui Neng chopping wood, but at the same time there some paths which are specious...

                Wisdom is the light which penetrates the darkness of confusion.

                While it is true I disparage much of the pureland practices, because they complicate the message of salvation from suffering, one has to accept that it is a valid vehicle of understanding- for some. I think Gotama himself would probably be rolling in his grave so to speak to see how his philosophy has turned out in some cases...

                Like you Maestro, I have to applaud the simplicity and beauty of Ch'an.

                I'vve got a lot more to say about this, but first I need to think about it. It sort of goes to this idea I have of good and evil- like there is no such thing to one who has attained, because he would only do good, but if we reverse engineer the concept so to speak, then we do indeed have good and evil amongst those who have not yet attained- one reason why it is imperative that Amitabha took his vow, and why I think the purelanders are missing out on the truth of the message- the pureland is not some place to be reborn to in a future life where the trees are all gemstones and wonderful birds of all 5 colors warble next to waterfalls and so on and so on, but it is an allegory to the mind....
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                  looking forward to your future comments..

                  classic avatar there

                  and..what you doin up so late

                  you "spinnin" or whatever you call it?

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                    ...just got back from a date.

                    Blew 20 bucks on Bulletproof Monk. Someone didn't do their homework that's for sure.

                    Oh well. It was better than Phone Booth.

                    I saw City of God last night so it spoiled me. That was a great flick if you get the chance to see it, it's a foreign movie about the Brazilian slums.
                    "Arhat, I am your father..."
                    -the Dark Lord Cod


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                      its one..

                      its one of the bagillion independent movies that come out in nyc and will never come out here..

                      unless its another pulp fiction or something

                      and bullet proof monk..HAHAHAHA

                      did you actually want to see that or your date?

                      that movie was a joke(to me) from the start..


                      chow yun fat shouldnt be doing any action movies..only reason he did good in CTHD was because he just had to look good and say cool stuff..besides that hes not an action star, and anything he tries to do action wise is prolly gonna suck..hence that movie..
                      "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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