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    Originally posted by doc View Post
    China wants Tibet for one reason.

    It is a natural border between the low flat plateau of China and India. Imagine if India had control of Tibet: they could overrun China in days. The Himalayas form a wonderful natural military barrier.

    You've mentioned that several times now.

    It makes me wonder what the parameters and conditional pretexts were of direction at the time of the initial unification treatise that united each kingdom, and if that base goal is not still current.

    This is a link showing the treaty agreement between Tibet and the Han tribes as they married into each other and political alliance.

    it does say "eternity", so with concepts of national karma and the assimilation projects in china going back as far as shakyamuni and his efforts toward unification and peaceful interaction, one might wonder what how far along that is.
    If tibet wanted that type of affiliation with India, why didn't they affiliate and treatise with them instead?
    All this does is further cement and demonstrate my theory that budhism is absolutely intended as the developmental progression on archaic hinduism as I have outlined numerous times to ingorant apparent deafness over and over already.

    Blooming tianshi lotus.


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      The temples China has rebuilt are now tourist attractions which have to follow suit with the party line in much the same way as YongXin's Shaolin does. And their language is restricted. the things I speak of are told to me form people who have family in the very middle of the parts of Tibet that you don't get to see. That's exactly the point is that you have only seen and heard very little, and when you hear more than you are used to you start to recoil and panic.

      What if what they are saying is true? What if your need to calm yourself and be apathetic to people's suffering is actually perpetuating the kind of destruction that is being claimed to happen? Didn't the Buddha kill one captain to prevent the captain from killing a hundred men? Was he not willing to risk that kind of bad karma if it meant exercising such an act of altruism?

      Here in Austin we have a lot of homeless people begging for money on the road. It is a common trend in Austin to justify their position as some kind of western karma parallel. What if you had the chance to choose to help someone, decided not to because you are afraid the guy might be pulling a trick on you, and the guy ends up starving that night?

      As for the genocide of Indians in America. It is funny you mention that because I think the Chinese are treating the Tibetans the way colonial America treated the Indians as far as the cultural eradication that has commensed. Once this has been done they will continue to treat the Tibetans as the Americans treat the Indians- forcing them to adapt a life of materialism and robbing them of ever being able to resume their previous, sustainable way of life.

      In regards to the comment about the Dalai Lama. If the Dalai Lama himself is willing for his people to be governed as long as they are allowed to maintain their culture, why then is he in exile unless the Chinese govt wants to eradicate the culture? You think the tibetans are in the position to put the Chinese Govt in the position that is currently the case? Is the Dalai Lama a threat to the Chinese people?

      Also, there is a lot that you had not responded to. Like the fact that you retaliate against Tibetan charges of abuse by bringing up violence that occurred thousands of years ago. I know might seem a little egotistic, but I insist that I mention this. Any good teacher would.


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        Dogchow, both yourself and liutansanzang say you have received your information from ppl of tibet who emmigrated into the rest of the world, being non autonomous tibetan regions in other provinces of china or at home in the west. Isn't it a bit of a hypocritical dbl standard to criticise the rvs assimilation?


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          This thread is supposed to be on Kagyu buddhism and eventually on tibetan buddhism.

          I ve opened a new thread to discuss the interesting subject of Tibet

          Here is the 7 lines prayer to Guru Padmasambhava, opening many Kagyu ceremonies. As the major founder of buddhism in Tibet, he had to fact the opposition of local gods and demons. It is interesting to note that he did not kill these gods and demons but converted them. It gives an insight in non violent resolution of conflicts.

          In Orgyen's land, upon its northwest rim,
          On lotus, pistil cup and stem,
          Wondrous, supreme mastery you found.
          And as the Lotus Born you are renowned.
          A ring of many dakinis encircles you,
          And in your foorsteps practicing we follow you,
          To grant your blessings, come, we pray.

          Guru Padma Siddhi Hung


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            That's exactly how I feel about most ppl most of the time except besides understanding through qigong demons like Daodejing explained by a few yrs back here, just tonight I was thinking it's more like ..... a coma.
            you know the classic scene of inside the coma victims head where they're on a boat connected by a rope to a point on shore somewhere andthey can still hear and are sensorily interactive but it's uncertain if they'll " come back" ? well it's like the that. I think that some or other philosophy will have this tabled somewhere. I also think that it's like a force feild that once penetrated once stays so eternally even through the whole cycle to parinirvana, aand gets handed on through general social conciousness via osmosis, beyond the violence that inertly, whether oppressed not or not, and where non violence lectures , that make sense, probably help alot, comes stock standard with what Dogchow was describing in retreating for apathetic homeostatis in lieu of an actual resolution to "bring them back" or break through the force feild of their true hearts mind that is, and probably layered ones at that baring in mind scientologys view on that .

            I really was only juust thinking about the very same thing with regard to illness.

            maybe I should stand on the shore with a megaphone like the chinese official did for the remaining living earthquake victims, and tell them " the troops are rescuing you". maybe they'll hang on *shrug*. til I wrap my head around enough to bring them in that is. they think it's lonely out thEre? they should try being the scout that barely gets a pack to be with. I am aLmost suure the kuran has mentioned the book of numbers 'like' in the tora?
            I dont think I'm alone out here being alone for this. there were 7 tribes from that point right?
            really. does anyone recall the passage? vrses 2 and 5 I think.

            Blooming tianshi lotus.
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              Milarepa: “The Kadampa have teachings, but practical teachings they have not. The Tibetans, being possessed by evil spirits, would not allow the Noble Lord (Atisha) to preach the Mystic Doctrine. Had they done so, Tibet would have been filled with saints by this time”


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                Here is a very interesting website about buddhism in general and tibet buddhism in particular.

                Relating to Shaolin, u might read the sections on Mahamudra and Dzogchen, tibetan forms of meditations that are close to Chan meditation.

                Also of interest for martial artists is the section on Kalachakra tantra and its mystical land of buddhist warriors, Shambala. I shall talk about it on another thread.

                Peace and love



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                  im not taking sides.

                  but one would think that if india tried to lay sieg to tibet, china would be the first that tibet would call for help.

                  In terms of war, its just like a war sim, or playing romance of the three kingdoms or something(ps2 version was pretty good lol.) you could understand the strategical defense as doc points out, i am not saying that they are jumping the gun, just wondering...

                  i really havent been focused on the situation to be honest, jus drunk and talkative...but good drunk, you know, the kind where your not driving, and in a good mood, and you want to give everyone a, dont drink much nowadays really... but i drank a 40 ounce of mickeys with my brother in law so we could talk a little bit, he seems to be going through some rough times...

                  everyone seems to be going through rough times in 2008... i wonder what 2009 is going to be like...

                  cant we all just get along? or atleast send all the assholes and greedy eff's and all those that fall into the category of "overtly ignorant and self destructive" to rehab island, and the only way that they can get back, is if they paddle back in a viking longboat across the pacific
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                  "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"


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