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  • Thai Buddhism and Ghosts

    From a recent event in northern Thailand:

    Grave guidance solves missing person mystery

    PHITSANULOKE: In an eerie tale just in time for Halloween, a man was arrested in this northern province after being fingered for murdering his young wife by an unlikely source: her ghost.

    Four months after her disappearance, the spirit of 21-year-old Ratree Thongdee reportedly appeared to her mother, Somjit Jitprajak, in a dream.

    The apparition told her that she had been killed by her husband, then buried near the couple’s home.

    The dream led to the discovery of Mrs Ratree’s body under the tree.

    It also led to the arrest earlier this month of her husband, 27-year-old Senee Thongdee, for murder.

    Police received a report on September 22 that a body had been discovered. At the scene, they found a skeleton that had been freshly exhumed from under a mango tree. The front of the skull appeared to have been bashed with a blunt object.

    Villagers insisted the body was that of Mrs Ratree, saying they recognized her clothing.

    Mrs Somjit said her daughter was married to Mr Senee and that the couple had a son together.

    Around two months ago, Mrs Somjit went to visit Mrs Ratree, but she was not at home.

    Mr Senee told her that her daughter had run away from the house around two months earlier.

    Later, Mrs Ratree appeared to her mother in a dream. According to Mrs Somjit, Mrs Ratree told her she had been murdered by her husband, the buried underneath a mango tree behind the house.

    The next day Mrs Somjit and some relatives dug a hole under the tree, but failed to find anything.

    That night Mrs Ratree appeared to Mrs Somjit a second time. She told her mother they had dug in the right place, but not deep enough.

    The next day the group dug deeper under the same tree. This time they unearthed a skeleton. At last report police were awaiting laboratory results to confirm the identity of the body.

    On October 11, police arrested Mr Senee. He reportedly confessed to killing his wife.

    Mrs Ratree was very attractive, which led to other men trying to get involved with her, he said.

    This led to frequent arguments, he said.

    On the day of the murder, Mr Senee returned home from work to find his wife wasn’t home.

    Later, he heard the sound of her talking to a young man outside the house.

    He sneaked a look and saw that his wife was indeed talking to a man. He waited for the man to leave, then shot Mrs Ratree in the head.

    He buried her in the garden and went to tell the police she had gone missing, he said.
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    And another bizarre one:

    Phantom pickup: Lost soul lends lottery luck

    NAKHON SRI THAMMARAT: A homeowner in Thung Song District is thanking a “phantom” emergency rescue vehicle for her luck in winning over 500,000 baht in the underground lottery.

    The bizarre tale began shortly after midnight on September 3.

    Pracha Ruamjai Foundation coordinator Akhom Phumiwetphong said that as rescue workers were relaxing at the station that night, one of their Isuzu pickup trucks converted for use as a makeshift ambulance suddenly switched on its engine.

    The sound of the engine starting did not give the crew a shock, but what did frighten them was the fact that the doors were locked and the keys were safely in the hands of its owner, who was chatting with friends.

    The driverless ambulance then pulled out of its parking spot, heading away from the foundation building.

    The rescue workers tried to stop the slow-moving vehicle, but to no avail. After traveling about 15 meters, the ambulance crashed into the wall of a house diagonally across the street, Mr Akhom said.

    The vehicle then switched on its tail and emergency lights, then the engine stalled.

    None of the rescue workers, often derisively known as “body snatchers” in Thailand, dared to approach the vehicle. They waited until the following morning because they were sure it had been “driven” by the angry spirit of someone who had died in the vehicle while on the way to hospital.

    The rescue workers, who had begun to forget about the automotive apparition after a few weeks, got yet another surprise on November 19.

    The owner of the home the vehicle had run into appeared at the station at 8am with a strip of 500 firecrackers and some food offerings.

    The woman, who for obvious reasons asked that her name not be reported, wanted to hold a ritual to pay respect to the vehicle after hitting it big in the underground lottery.

    She had been playing her own house number “423” in the illegal lottery without success for some time, she said.

    After the house was rammed, she decided to change the number to 422, the number of the foundation’s headquarters. The move paid off on September 16, when she won over half-a-million baht in the illegal lottery, she said.
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