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The advantages of dating younger women

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    well welcome back, glad to see you find this amuzing, lol


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      Thought this thread was worth bringing back to life.

      I've never gotten in a fight with anyone gay, but I was hit on profusely by couple of 'em. There were two gay guys there that thought I was hot at my old job . I really wanted to punch one of them in the face as he would usually say things like,"Hey Travis, why don't you come over to my place tonight and let me **** you in the ass!" just to make me uncomfortable. Man, I really wanted to punch him.

      As far as dating younger women... I'm dating a girl whos 9 years younger than me right now and she's great! What's the advantage? She's never even kissed a guy before! No shit! But she's digs me big time and it looks like I'll get to be her first, at everything!

      Now I know your going to say,"I wouldn't want that. I want a girl who has had experience so she doesn't suck at everything." But I beg to differ. There's most def. something that turns me on about knowing that I'm the only guy who's ever been close to this girl. Like I can really make her mine. I can't help it, I like that!

      My sweet, beautiful Chinese virgin....

      On a side note, one of the things your Chinese culture books don't teach you is that the majority of Chinese girls (in China) are virgins!!!!! It's good and bad really. Good, because they're sweet and innocent, bad because they're scarred to do the things that a woman craves doing, with a man... And masterbation, forget about it! Not that they would admit it if they did. Guess they have that in common with the American girls.
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      "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest


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        Originally posted by mortal View Post
        I just feel like so many hot girls are wasted this way. Would you want to know your future wife was some attention craved whore making out with girls in clubs to impress asshole guys. Because they are the ones that feed into this crap. No offense Zachsan.
        You know how hard it is to find a girl in Newyork that isn't a paris hilton wannabee? She set feminism back 30 years. INstead of condeming men for their shallow behavoir they are going to become just like us. OUr morals are eroding everyday and i think it is far from cool. A waste of a lot of pretty faces.
        You are correct in your point about pretty girls becoming attention starved, stupid whores. I am one of the few dudes who, no matter how hot a girl is, will not give her the time of day if she is stupid.

        But then if you dont like those types of girls, DONT GO TO NIGHTCLUBS. Every time I've gone to a club it is just these really sluttily dressed girls, and a bunch of black dudes trying desperately to hook up with a white chick. People are just grinding their Dongs all up on girls' asses and they probably dont even know each other's names because the crappy music is so loud that their eardrums are blown out. It is not my scene and if you dont like DUMB whores, dont club.


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          Err... ignore this post.


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