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  • A Riddle

    I have absolutely no clue to what the answer could be for this riddle. There's gotta be someone that can figure it out though. Good luck!

    In the depths of the sea we were told they were born:
    The dragons of long ago.
    They were nothing but myths, I swear and have sworn:
    For this is the truth we know.

    Now Dragons of virtue, of flesh and of bone,
    Do roam the world once again.
    They roam here in truth, and their voices I've known,
    Though strangers mistake them for men.

    In one sea they were born of one small common name.
    A name you will find on no chart.
    It's a sea you have touched and have smelled just the same.
    You have seen it, but only in part.

    In this sea they were born by making it their own.
    This they did by increasing its size,
    Through their faithful hard work; with strained muscles and groans.

    Name the sea if you are wise.

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    translated, the sea of qi

    It's a synonym for the area around the lower dan tien.

    Good riddle.
    Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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      Great job. I can die happily now. Hahaha.


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        Nice riddle, thanks.

        Where did you get that from?
        practice wu de


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          Welp, I was browsing the net for martial arts riddles(knew there had to be some) and came across this site:

          You can check that riddle out(click on 'resources' on the opening page), then type your answer in a box below the riddle. I put in qihai, sea of chi(qi), and a couple others, but it keeps saying, "Please try again. The riddles are hard. The rewards are great." But that answer makes perfect sense..I'm probably doing something wrong.

          It's not a bad site either; whenever you open a new page, a different saying pops up. Check it out..

          ~shi xing smurf~


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            Well who knows, there's a couple areas in the human body which are known (in acupuncture) as the sea of this or that. There's a sea of qi, sea of blood, sea of marrow, and another one which i forget. Maybe the answer to your riddle is even more obscure than that. Who knows, I still think Qihai works well with the riddle. Incidentally, depending on which books you read, qihai is either the entire lower dan tien or simply the cavity at Ren Mai 6. Though it's definatly used clinically as Ren 6.
            Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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              That's pretty amazing. I'll have to look into accupuncture..I really don't know much of anything about it.


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