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What to teach a Shaolin Monk

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  • What to teach a Shaolin Monk

    What to teach a Shaolin Monk.
    Lesson 1

    Which soap NOT to use in the Dishwashing Machine.

    Lesson learned: New English Word- BUBBLES.
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    Well, at least the floor finally got cleaned.
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

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      hmm how about what not to say in public.


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        LOL, yes it is dish soap, but not that type of dish soap...


        OK, just use this type...

        practice wu de


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          First thing for them to learn i think is to watch and see the suffering of animals and understand finally the first of pancasila, namely not to kill.


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            First thing for them to learn i think is to watch and see the suffering of animals and understand finally the first of pancasila, namely not to kill.


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              looks like we have another "missionary" here.


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                lmao, since when did monks run a shaolin slaughter house??

                first thing for liutangsanzang to learn i think is to watch penn & teller's "bullshit" series and understand finally the truth of peta, namely "bullshit".

                part 1:


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                  Why patronise and be an arrogrant smartty pants about it instead of just showing him/her the doctrine regarding that monks can eat, even in mahayana tradition, where that meat hasn't been spefically slaughtered with the intention of feeding the monk who eats it?
                  Buddha is quoted as emphatically stating and clarifying that point btw. why it's enlghtened, you have to understand and workout for yourself by principal. if you dont arrive at the enlightenment about why it's in accordance with everything else of the belief, then that's because you just dont understand the dharma and you dont understand the principal because you're just not on the dharmic wavelength of logic.
                  you only compromise yourself, LFJ when you tease ppl like that and pick on what's irrelevant without them having the same perspective to consider.
                  if you had a child who accused you of doing something wrong, would you pick on what they were doing for doing it, or would you explain why you do what you do.
                  sooo much attitude floating around here atm.

                  Blooming tianshi lotus.


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                    there was no mention of meat eating, only accusations of shaolin monks killing animals.

                    no monks do that or support that, so i'm not going to explain why shaolin monks are allowed to kill animals.

                    but i will show how the counter case of peta is bullshit.

                    and i will also tell you to zip it and stop following me. i dont like you. take a hint.


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                      I was actually posting on this board years before you and have always been consistant here since. stop being a cry baby for territory anyway. or why dont you picket and get arrested . it could draw you 'close to tibet' you know? extremely spiritual stuff.

                      I actually just pointed that out to him because of a repeated dig he had on another thread.

                      I dont like you neither, but that doesn't mean I cant deal with your presence in the world. especially if I see i that youre just being a naughty little baby. . see. buddha tells us it's wholesome to see ppl like that. oh. wait. he said ignorant child.

                      Blooming tianshi lotus.


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                        i've been at this site since its beginning. you're only looking at my current user profile. but this is doc's crib anyway. and satan rules here.

                        you follow me around trying to find things to pick at my posts because you're still salty about being exposed on all your bullshit lies. but you'll never find a bigger pile of steaming bullshit than the pile you lay right beneath your own ass.

                        and stop trying to preach to everyone with your mormonesque buddha bullshit. you couldnt be further from the goal, and that goal does not apply to everyone! undertand that...


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                          Ok. I'm not going to check up on you, but you weren't around for yrs from when I first arrived.

                          you post so much intolerance and ignorant aggression that you dont even see yourself.

                          If you want to tell the world, by the best of your current logic where you think I'm being mormonesque, then pls go ahead.
                          I am a straight up plain and simple buddhist. that generally means that we veiw from avatar, not what scripture any particular person's read, because they are all saying the same thing at emptiness. enlightenment is enlightenment and dharma of that position is as it is. the principals that inspire it though, aren't of the dharma but the buddha .. which is in everything not about everything.

                          your incessant accusations and mental state give me a head ache, but I work on tolerance also. I can chill out on your childish as*. Xiabeeno said that growth hurts. I dont disaggree with that. Further to that, detachment from that it does doesn't not go a very long way for us.

                          be as defensive as and personalise whatever you like.

                          I believe you're only like that because you're resisting your own peace. we both know what the central issues are regarding that in your life.

                          only youu can stop doing to that yourself. you see,.. we get that. and further, if you never do, then we get that that's how it is for some ppl regardless.

                          Blooming tianshi lotus.


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                            i'm not even going to get into your bullshit again with you. everyone's seen that. just shut up.

                            you take these message boards way too f*cking serious! all these emotions. lmao! you're the only one who pours your real personal life out on here. and no one wants to hear it.

                            you think you know something about me from this experience behind a computer screen. and i dont even talk about my real life on here or give you any sort of glimpse into it.

                            thats bullshit.

                            get a life.


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                              She's still here?

                              Is happeh still running around?

                              And furthermore are these posters different mentally ill people, or different personas of the same fractured consciousness?
                              Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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