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    Originally posted by liutangsanzang View Post
    Well, here in China, many chicken live out in the wild. I always make this little experiment with truth is try to catch one. Well they always run away. So why should i use force to catch one? I would not like someone use force to catch me.

    About KFC i heard the Dalai Lama asked them not to settle in Tibet. But, with respect, shaolin monks probably know better.

    Lotus, i m not sure to understand your saying but about cycles, what s wrong with vegetarianism. Hindu people have been vegetarians for ages with quite some good results. And again vegetarianism is space and energy saving, that could help mother Earth.

    Shakyamuni criticised brahmin, the high preist caste of hinduism. Not all brahmin are neccessarily attributed bodhisattivsm. I dont neccessarrily think there's anything "wrong" with vegetarianism, or anything ism if it's a sincere strategy for survival with the best of rescources and facility and immediate priority.
    I had a gooood look for some yrs at the muslim issue of eating pig, and i my research I came to understand that the only reason that that boiled down to, was that it was representative of local food source and therrrreby qualified the particular group of ppl assigned to that source. ..
    I also looked at the belief regarding the sacred cow as food, and I have also come to realise that the reason for that interperatation of doctrine ( the cow being as the immortal mother figure ) is because of exactly the same "self" and real mission of humankind relative to the immortal cycle and parinirvana that shakyamuni criticised the brahmin for in the first place. I think ppl are verrry much like the cow and the pig, except that we are different in that we humans are leading the helm in the food chain and in the karmic cycle with onus of action. because of that, I tend to believe that the higher self of the cow would understand and thank us for eating it if we decided we needed to. .. because at emptiness, of life, in any measure, it's all buddha and of course, buddha , the thus come one, has a very clear view on the entire cycle and what goes with what to produce what reaction alll the way through from the beggining of the cycle to parinivana . we ( humans ( and other animals) in whatever percentage) neeed to eat animals.. because the plain fact of science is that we will eventually wipe ourselves out with floods ( from deficient soil at verrry bare minimum) if we dont.

    I think most ppl are muuch much more emotively reasoned than they realise, becauuse of lack of long term vision, and at the base of these seemingly very esoteric beliefs, are nothing but practical survival means which also qualifies the misperception of a division in logic. ppl get carried away I think and regularly miss that fact.

    I also dont think it's feasible or benevolent of a suggestion that the entire planet become vegetarian. I have already outlined my reasoning for that, and I will continue to present and represent the morality of those meat-eaters and as shakyamun did, even advocate it as ideal for certain circumstances, and even amongst monks and nuns.

    Some ppl dont even have a garden. where exactly is it saving space?

    do you understand the difference in nutritional density of meat to produce?
    we naturally by our primal nature and DNA eat allll of it. we, the human animal are omnivores. our tissue and bone structure and teeth are designed to use all of that stuff. we can get by on vegetarianism, and I myself could live on just that if I needed to, aand I ideally only mostly eat eggs , milk, juice, fruit and veg, not even rice really , but that is me in reclusive "temple mode" . how many ppl do you think can ever acheive that? in the meantime, I really do have stuff to do, and I'll eat according to buddhas suggestion, as is my most natural animal disposition, and I'll get the mission done. I dont think you really understand "getting it done".

    Also, I have lived in china for the greater part of 4 yrs, and would lovve to have a solid reason to go back in accordance with my mahayana world projects, long term even, but , I have seeen how undernourished and protein deprived most ppl are there. no way in helll would I try to deny them that nutritional boost. eat and live if you can manage. be as well as you can. In doc's opening page, there are some information links. one of the things he talks about vegetrianism. I highly recommend the read from the perspective of medical doctor before you say a single other word about it. then read or recall where buddha says we should take care of ourselves if we can, and tell meee about compassion.

    do you knoww how a 100 % vegetarian planet would mutuate humanity and upset the homeostasis of the entire circle of life?
    Outside of basic provisional availabilty, I dont think that ppl insisting this type of deprivation for others have really thought it through. not everyone is going to only take what they need you know. what are we going to do,.. turn into the terrorists and executioners about it?? compassion for alll sentient beings. even the ignorant.


    Blooming tianshi lotus.


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