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Question about the Shaolin Kung Fu here

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  • Question about the Shaolin Kung Fu here

    Okay, well I'm brand new here and I am having to do a research paper over Shaolin and Shaolin-Do Kung Fu (The style that I take) for my English class. I am wondering what the differences are between the Shaolin Gong Fu here and Shaolin-Do Kung Fu. And what is with all of the weird spellings like Gong Fu instead of Kung Fu, and Tai Ji instead of Tai Chi.

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    I will answer your questions on the spelling;

    The spelling "Kung fu" is the phonetical interpretation of the Chinese words, "gong fu". They mean the same things but are spelled differently due to the way things were interpreted. Additionally, different Chinese dialects have different ways of pronoucing things. "Sew Lum" is "Shaolin" in Cantonese. "Shao Lin" is..."Shaolin" in Mandarin. This is the same for taiji.

    I'm not familiar with your Shaolin-Do, but what I do know is, this site, as well as several others, are great resouces for Shaolin gung fu. A good source for information on your style would be, I imagine, your instructor.
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      Okay, well Shaolin-Do was created by Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Jin who was abandoned by his parents as an infant because they thought they had born a demon (He was covered form head to toe in hair its a condition called hypertrichosis lanuginosa. The monks at the Fukien Temple raised him and he learned every system. He mastered over 140 different weapon forms and well over 200 different empty hand systems. He became known for his training in "Chi Ma" the art of the death touch through manipulation of the human anatomy.

      The Fukien Temple was being planned on being destroyed by the Ch'ing government and the masters knowing of the approach of the destruction torched the temple. Tai Jin sought refuge in the mountains of Fukien Province where he became a teacher of the shaolin martial arts.

      Thats where it started. A student of Tai Jin, Ie Chang Ming became the 2nd grandmaster and then due to persecution Ie Chang Ming moved to Indoneisa where he taught the current grandmaster Sin Kwang The, who supposedly knows over 900 forms, many of which have been lost. He has a tablet at the Honan Province temple and every couple of months he teaches a new form at demonstrations for us to learn and we get DVDs of it and whatnot.


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        lol, do a search on Shaolin do in the archives, we've had a lot of threads over this stuff in the past. It isn't a favorite among some 'round here. Kung fu magazine's forums have some very lengthy posts about SD too. You should go there, join, and PM Judge Pen, he'd be an excellent resource.
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          shaolin do is bullshit. their gung fu is more like sloppy wushu, which is really bad because most all wushu is really sloppy. actually i shouldnt even say "their gung fu" because they have none.

          so..quick answer, it really is bullshit, if u dont believe check out their schools or something, but its bullshit.
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