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    At least its not the razor blades trick..


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      the blow gun with the dart trick is my fav.

      Some of these ladies are quite talented.
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        Higher education in Thailand

        Lustful teens get lewd in local library

        NAKHON SRI THAMMARAT: Most parents would be happy to know that their teenagers were spending their free time hanging out in the library. What better place could there be to engage in some extracurricular learning and curl up with a good book? In Nakhon Sri Thammarat public library, however, teenagers have been curling up for some X-rated extracurricular activities - and the locals say it has to stop.

        On February 1, a group of worried parents arrived at the Nakhon Sri Thammarat Journalists' Association meeting to call on the local media to draw attention to the worrying new trend of youngsters copulating in public places.

        Witthaya, a 38-year-old parent and former school teacher who asked for his surname not to be printed, said that he works opposite Nakhon Sri Thammarat Public Library.

        "Youths, mainly students aged 13 to 15, both boys and girls, like to come and hang out and court each other, usually still wearing their school uniforms. Often the courting ends with them having sex.

        "I and other parents have seen children openly engaging in sexual intercourse - with no shame whatsoever. We were embarrassed to see it and had to take a detour round it," K. Witthaya said.

        Horny youths are often in fierce competition with each other to grab the best spots inside the library, mainly on the second floor, where they can have sex, said Chok, 55, who is in charge of looking after the public square in front of the library.

        The youths show no regard for people who go to the library for legitimate purposes, added Chok.

        "Staff have warned the youths about their behavior many times, but staff can't be at all points in the building at all times.
        They have rearranged the second floor so there are fewer dark corners and better visibility for the staff.

        "This has made it harder for the youths to find spots to have sex in," Chok said.

        Somphong Yuthao, head truancy officer at Nakhon Sri Thammarat Area 1 Education Office, said that his staff often catch students acting inappropriately. For a minor offense, students are reprimanded and allowed to go home, but when they are caught engaging in heavy petting, they are reported to their school or college.

        K. Somphong added that his officers are unauthorized to act if the youths are not registered at an educational institution.

        As for the problems in the public library, it is the responsibility of library authorities to ensure that there are no corners where youths can engage in improper activities, K.
        Somphong said.
        Brought to you by:
        The Phuket Gazette

        Shame the books are all in Thai...
        Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

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          What’s cookin’ in Thailand, Doc

          Poor Billy got caught with his willy in the U.S. and this guy just has a cooking show…

          Court strips Thai PM of post over TV cooking show
          Tue Sep 9.

          BANGKOK (AFP) - A Thai court Tuesday stripped Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej of his post for taking payments for hosting TV cooking shows, but the governing coalition said it was ready to vote him back into power.

          The verdict appeared unlikely to put an end to the political turmoil in Thailand, with protesters squatting at the main government complex for the last two weeks and a state of emergency imposed in the capital Bangkok.

          The Constitutional Court ruled that Samak had violated the charter by receiving money for his "Tasting and Grumbling" and "All Set at 6 am" cooking programmes, ordering him to leave office immediately.

          In his defence, Samak said that in his seven months as prime minister, he had only accepted money to buy ingredients for his recipes and pay for petrol, but the court rejected that argument.

          The court said his cabinet could remain as a caretaker administration for 30 days until parliament elects a new prime minister.

          "The Constitutional Court unanimously agreed that Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has violated the constitution," the verdict read. "Therefore his ministerial position has ended."

          "As Samak's ministerial status has ended, his entire cabinet must go," it added.

          Despite the ruling by the nine judges, Samak is not barred from standing again for prime minister, and his People Power Party (PPP) said its six-party coalition was prepared to elect him back to the premiership.

          "PPP will propose Samak as prime minister on the grounds that he's the party leader, and the wrongdoing was petty and not triggered by mismanagement," said Witthaya Buranasiri, the government whip.

          "Voting for a new prime minister could take place before the end of the week so that there is no power vacuum," he told AFP.

          Samak himself did not immediately react to the verdict.

          Activists beseiging Government House vowed to continue their occupation, insisting that Samak and his entire cabinet -- who they say are acting as puppets for ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra -- must go for good.

          "If Samak is premier again, we'll stay here until he retires. We're standing ready forever, until he retires from government," said Somsak Kosaisuk, one of the protest leaders.

          The ruling added to the turmoil surrounding Thailand's government. The uncertainty has already pummelled the Thai stock market, sending it down about 24 percent since anti-government protests began in late May.

          Tensions erupted into violence last week, when pro- and anti-government protesters clashed in the streets, leaving one of Samak's supporters dead and dozens injured.

          A criminal court has ruled the occupation of Government House is illegal and ordered the arrest of the protest leaders, but police have refused to serve the arrest warrants for fear of sparking fresh clashes.

          The protesters, who call themselves the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), want more than just Samak's resignation.

          They want to curtail Thailand's democracy so that only 30 percent of seats in parliament would be elected, which they say would restrict the influence of poor rural voters who have widely supported Samak.

          PAD supporters say the change would ensure that Samak's allies cannot return to power.

          "We're going to get them all out. They have to improve their morals," said Permpoon Kanchanastit, 66, a retired physician's assistant who flew from her home in California to join the protest.


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            Amazing how that government works out there, isn't it?
            Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

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              Doc, i got some questions on thailand and whatnot i suppose ill post it here..

              first off what do you think of Chumphon? its a little transit village between bangkok and the islands in southern thailand

              and when it comes to travel im curious whats available and what are travel times like with the "traffic" on the "highways" assuming they have highways and enough traffic..

              im curious for instance how long it would take to go from Kuala lumpur in malaysia to phuket or so somewhere around the middle or say chiang mai(around the top of thailand) to the bottom? it looks to me like thailand isnt very big at all maybe around the size of rhode island maybe a little bigger...
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                wow im retarded, rhode island..yea right, i just looked at a map thailand friggin dwarfs it. just scratch that part of the question lolo, ive been in new england to long with these little tiny states i still think ct is big state lolo
                "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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                  Chumphon? It's halfway from Phuket to Bangkok, in the middle of ****ing nowhere. Let's put it into perspective; it's on the eastern side, halfway up. Now one place that I've been to a few times, and similar, is Ranong. It's a transit city that we used to use to get to Burma, to do our visa runs. Now, as far as I've been told, there are two reasons to go to Ranong. One, to get over to Burma, and two, for the child prostitution. Yes, bizarre little town, known for sick shit like that. So, when it comes to these little towns in the middle of nowhere, away from the usual foreign influence, you have to be careful about what you find. I'm not sure why anyone would want to stay in a small transit town like that, when you have really great areas, with lots to do, and more safety, such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya, etc. Even small towns like Hua Hin, (where the king has a "summer" home on the beach), is pretty dreadful when it comes to "things to do". Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. Visit, for the experience, sure. Stay, no.

                  The highways tend to be pretty good, though they are not the super highways that we are used to here in the US. You'll find a lot of two lane road, with some four lane super expressway. The buses tend to be good and safe, and you can go "first class" sleeper, for about thirty bucks, twelve hours, from Phuket to Bangkok. They run regularly. It's not a bad way to travel in Thailand; you just have to be certain that you get on the right bus when you're heading somewhere.

                  Now from KL to Phuket? Fly. It's cheap, and it's only a little over an hour. I don't know what the roads are like there. Remember something though, it's a very heavily Muslim country, and, a relatively safe one to travel in. But, there are influences there, and you have to be aware of the local customs, and how you interact with them. A bigger problem is when you get to southern Thailand, also heavily Muslim, but also very dangerous, as there is a strong separatist movement going on down there. It's not a place where you want to vacation. I've been there a few times, and I really didn't like it. Poverty and strong religious beliefs, when combined, can bring a lot of uncertainty in behavior. Overall, a potentially dangerous place. My advice, stay outta there. KL is nice from what I hear, some of my friends have loved it, as it really is a nice city, some of my other friends did not like the sometimes overwhelming Muslim "influence" that they felt there.

                  Figure twelve hours by bus from Phuket to Songkla, also figure twelve hours by bus from Phuket to Bangkok, and then again, another twelve hours from BKK to Chiang Mai. Travel in Malaysia, I don't know. I've had some friends motorbike down there, but, again, you're traveling through desolate areas with small towns.

                  Remember also that that Thai Baht is very strong now; it's about 29 ThB to the USD. I remember when it was 45, just last year when I was there it was 32. It's getting to be more and more expensive to do the Thailand trips, as our dollar is very weak right now. But, with the bad economy over there from lack of tourism, comes decreased prices, and, unfortunately, increased crime. So, it's a tradeoff. Another reason to stay in the more foreigner friendly areas, such as Phuket or Pattaya.

                  Oh, when it comes to Pattaya, there is an ever increasing Russian mafia influence there. You do not want to **** with those people. Had a few of them working out in my gym in Phuket years ago. Great people, fun to be around. But, you always have to watch that you don't screw around with them.

                  If I were you, I'd go to Phuket. It has everything that a guy your age could ever possibly want, and you can still find inexpensive venues to stay in. And, its far safer than some of the other areas.
                  Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

                  "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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                    heh, well ive been reading alot of the stuff at and i got alot of good info about the visa runs and whatever and 1 guy directed me to a thread about chumphon when i was asking about a place to stay, honestly the guys are crazy. yknow in the thread either half of them were like...oh if you like no nightlife and no hoes and no bars and whatever then sure go to chumphon, then the others would say, its a laid back little "transit town" and yea good beaches, quiet and snorkling/diving with little "farangs" or westerners or whatever

                    honestly the thought of paying for muay thai in thailand right now is pretty much out of the question, ive trained muay thai here, i know the style, really i wanna go down there for the fun and whatnot but not to learn the ooo mysterious muay thai lolo, im not paying some shithead muay thai guy 3-4x what id pay here just cause im in thailand, i found gyms in KL thats why i said KL and they are way cheaper with good teachers, good gyms. and the same thing in cambodia like in PP they got boxkator or however its spelled, and they say visas are alot easier to take care of there

                    in the end i dont know shit about the area im going off what all these guys say who been goin there and whatnot, but if i end of in thailand for a few months i dunno im definately not into crazy child prostitution(or any prostitution) i mean if its going on id leave but from what i hear its a quiet town with good beaches, good food, and easy access to "the islands" if i want to party is what ive read

                    honestly thats probably all ill get out of thailand if i cant find a good reasonable gym, which is fine. but also theres bangkok and some schools id like to see, like id pay for a day with saenchai at 13 coins but im not gonna pay whatever 500 or something a month yea right, **** outta here id whoop that guys ass let alone pay that much to train with him a month. but also in bangkok theres a shaolin temple which whatever i dunno id like to check it out, ive never even met a monk lol

                    but anyway rant of course its late and im still up, thats where im at right now. im thinking about going late nov early december, and im looking into the visa for KL atm. i know i dont need one but i might wanna stay there more then 90 days..maybe not, i dont have a problem with other peeps religions and whatnot but extremists...i dunno!!

                    anyway good reply
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                      also dont get me wrong doc or...anyone. im going down there for the training, im going because i want to train fulltime as much as i can and because i love it and for the the muay thai guys fight, eat the food, bang some european girls(i dont see myself risking it with a manboy) yknow the whole experience

                      definately though i got training on my mind #1 priority im just saying, **** thailand for muay thai lolo, im to cheap i guess im not like these other guys wholl pay all this money just to say they did it or whatever
                      "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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                        child prostitutio





                        i dislike

                        Is it organized?

                        Seems in china there is very little child prostitutio but i went menacing them on zoofeelYA, stupid violent rape movies, awfull movie flesh spreading hungry ghost trought pleasure sensations and i guess there must b hidden pedofeelYA

                        Manipulatio of juridikal minors such as anima, child is a kind of sekt i think

                        I guess some mafYA people do have a goal, konscious or unkonscious, of kaos, power, money. Kann u please tell mi something about hit? (not talking insulting tantra or dao or budism or poeta soma para psyke kalos)

                        Wat s ur take?


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