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Did anyone watch Warrior nation?

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  • Did anyone watch Warrior nation?

    MSNBC is having a four part documentary series about MMA fighters. It comes on tuesdays at 10pm. I watched the one last night featuring erin toughill and clark bevans. I though it was a decent documentary, but both Erin and clark came off as huge assholes sometimes. It seems to be that way with alot of mma fighters. Not saying that their skills arn't good, just that they come off as jerks most of the time. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had seen it and what your opinon of the documentary was. Below is the show schedule for the series.

    o Jan. 9 - UFC hopefuls Urijah Faber (16-1 MMA) and Enoch Wilson (5-2 MMA)
    o Jan. 16 - Husband-and-wife MMA fighters Clark Bevans and Erin Toughill
    o Jan. 23 - Top female MMA fighters Gina Carrano and Elaina Maxwell
    o Jan. 30 - A look at the UFC, including Dana White, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Steve Byrnes and Logan Clark


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    Well, the interesting thing about television, or movies for that matter, is that these producers can make you "look" any way that they want to, using various editing techniques. I wouldn't be too harsh on these guys, just from watching one television documentary.
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      Absolutely. Remember the goal is to get ratings - getting all the facts is a low priority for these 'special reports', Getting enough of the right facts is what counts. Any of the guys I've ever met who participate in these circuits are pretty cool, even with each other unless there's a particular grudge (and there are). But the best of friends can be made to seem like the worst of enemies with the right camera angle, sound bytes and video clips.


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        You guys are right. I didn't think about all that before I before I posted. They are probably nice people, who train hard and are proud.



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          yea i agree about producing aswell

          but ive seen this show a few times, urijah vs the other guy was the best one so far..both fighters arent really impressive at all but its still interesting and funny just seeing mma blow up like this.

          ive been a fan and prac for so long its nice to see things change. maybe ill start fighting when they start paying these guys real money.
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