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    Hi all,

    I have come through a real bible of fitness for fighters and martial artists.

    I wanted to share this with a maximum of people because this guys has really great ideas and it's worth it for anyone to give it a try.

    Hi name is Ross Enamait, a boxer and sport scientist, he has a website at

    I have found quite a few of his ebooks on the internet (P2P) and it's really a great source of information. I recommand the "underground guide to warrior fitness" to everyone here, whatever the style you train is or the ambition you have.

    There is a lot to read and apply but it is really worth it, and i am pushing my fitness levels harder than ever since i have encountered his books. I adapt my training plans to my sport (muay thai), so i really emphasize on the legs but you can adapt it to your own style and needs.

    Drastic improvements guaranteed -hey i'm not selling anything or making any publicity for someone i don't even know, i'm just feeling in the mood of sharing great sport literature samples with you all. A manual that is combat oriented mentally and physically.

    Have fun , tell me what you think...I guess you are interested in fitness one way or another...

    The East? The West?

    Men and Women, that's all...

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    Have you seen his videos on Youtube? Ross is freakin powerful. He's got tons of explosiveness.

    But on the subject...I wouldn't really say that there is one best way to fight condition. Although Enamait really combines a lot of different types of training, his still isn't the answer to everything. I think that as far as training/conditioning routines go, the best routine is one that works for you.

    Ross's programs and exercises are awesome for those on a budget or looking to vary out their workout routines. He's one of the best out there, definately.

    And for the most part, Ross has got it right. Fighters need to train explosivness, speed, power, and endurance. But again, there are lots of ways you can attain these qualities, be it through iron, barbells, rocks, rope, logs, concrete, whatever.

    So here are some good articles I've come across over my time reading:

    There are more, but these are the most recent and most organized I could find, lol
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    Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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      Some interesting suff i read from these links...But i think it is quite the same thing they're talking about, explosiveness...

      I often got to nice to myself, and been satisfied with a static way of performing. Thanks to Ross, i got the kick i needed to get back onto a track of positive and innovative training, aiming at always training hard and pushing a little bit further everyday, setting tougher goals for tougher results etc...It kind of woke me up. And all this for the cost of virtually nothing -and with great results.

      But as you said, there is so much information out there...One shoud pick up what works for him i agree. But anyone here should give a try at his training plans, to see how it works.

      Thx for the links anyway
      The East? The West?

      Men and Women, that's all...


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        I agree, everyone in ma should try Ross's or some type fighter's conditioning.
        Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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          That Ross guy is a ****ing MACHINE!


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