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  • Capoeira Practical???

    Hello all,

    At the weekend I saw a demonstration of capoeira (by the guys in the BBC promotion advert no less) and it was quite impressive. These guys have amazing control and in this case speed too. All the other demo's i'd seen were usually quite slow so this one showed what can be achieved.

    However, I was still wondering if anyone had seen a capoeira practioner actually use it in a fight? As much as I'm impressed by someone walking around on their hands kicking surely this isn't practical in a ring/street situation. Has anyone ever seen, for example, capoeira vs kung fu? I imagine a sanda fighter would just go straight through the capoeira exponent, with the sort of directness of one art compared to the other. I'm not saying it would be an easy fight or anything, but I just cannot see the capoeira guy/girl winning (except in Tekken).

    I also saw a demonstration of Jujitsu which was also quite impressive mainly for their ground work. I reckoned that in a fight my kung fu could stand up to them reasonably but if they were to get me on the ground, i'd be done for, caught in one of those nasty locks. I imagine a good kung fu fighter (i.e. not me) could triumph but again they'd probably need to keep off the ground as much as possible.

    Any thoughts???


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    I've done a very small amount of sparring and training with students of capoeira, and frankly in my opinion, unless the cap practitioner is vastly more skilled than their opponent, its not going to fare well for them. Imagine if someone founded a wushu school and took out all the seemingly martial movements so the police didnt shut them down, now imagine that same school emphasized dance and acrobatic movements and then proceeded to train and evovle for a couple hundred years.

    You wouldnt expect them to be the worlds best fighters now would you.

    Their stances leave them very very vulnerable to chest attacks and low kicks anytime they go up on their hands. On top of that, if a fight comes to very close range and grappling they tend to go down quick against someone with taijiquan, jujitsu, or aikido training.

    But also on a sidenote, some of the cap forms which look just plain wierd and ungainly have a practical martial reasoning behind the wierd, seemingly powerless scraping kicks. That reason being, people used to have capoeira duels in brazil where both fighters held a razor blade between the big toe and second toe of each foot.

    That being said, alot of the movements become alot more effective in a martial situation when the guy is carrying a blade in his toes.

    But I'm told the brazilian police have shut most of that down, and yet many of the older masters who had rough past's are covered in linear scars.

    But then again that's all third hand knowledge anywho, things cap students told me that their master told them. So who knows if it's even mostly true. What I do know is that cap is not the most effective fighting style in the world. Which is not to say that there is a "most effective fighting style in the world" simply to say that capoeira sure as hell aint close to being it.
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      Well, what if your hands are tied? What if your arms are broken?


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        Assuming you had feet, and legs, which, were attached in the usual fashion, maybe you would consider running away?

        Just a thought...
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          Yeah, that too, but what if your tied to something?


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            well, then you're dead. what if the other guy's got a gun? you're ****ed. what if you're on mars, and you've trained in a special low-grav martial art, but your opponent hasn't? you're gonna win!!! what if you're fighting a room full of seething midgets? uh-oh....


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              A room full of seething midgets. You HAD to mention the room full of seething midgets.

              I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight.

              Oh, the nightmares...
              Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

              "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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                Here's a thought, try and talk your way out of it?


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                  well, ladies and gentlemen, there is one universal solution to every problem known to man: offer to buy everyone drinks.

                  no amount of training can rival the fantastic effectiveness of this single technique.


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                    Depends on the style of Cap (there are a few).. I've met one who could kick my butt... but then again, I've met a bunch of those people.
                    practice wu de


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                      I have a friend who does Cap, I would say he's pretty good. You have to be careful with Cap, because if you're in the way of their legs coming at you then you're screwed. Also their "ready stance" can be hypnotizing, so it may be come a little distracting. But if they are not very fast with it, then they are very vulnerable.
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