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    can any one tell me if hung gar is woth learning and if it is good

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    It's all worth learning, if it gives you personal satisfaction, and helps keep you in shape. And, of course, if you enjoy it. It's a southern style, with distant roots to northern Shaolin. I've seen some of it, and I like it. Very nice stuff.
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      Very much worth learning, unless all you're interested in learning is flashy high spinny kicks. If thats what you want to learn go study wushu and taekwondo. But seriously, depending on who the sifu is, hung gar is a very challenging, very rewarding style of southern gongfu. The bridge hand training sequences are some of the best conditioning excercises you can learn and the hand forms are very strong.
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        really depends on the teacher. I did about 9 months with a world famous hung gar sifu. He just taught for health, not combat. I learned 4 forms. It was alright and a nice respite from my other class at the time which was brutal, but it wasn't teaching me how to fight at all. It was easy but pointless. Southern style can be sort of karate-ish too, not to be a snob.
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          Leather arm bands

          Whenever I see photos of Hung Gar practitioners, they are pictured wearing leather arm bands. Are they just traditional ornaments or do they serve as functional arm protection?
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            It also is reputed to have a super humongousily long form.

            Apparently the Gung Ge Fuk fu form is very long as it is made up of two different forms that were put together by Lam Sai Wing.


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              actually my friend, Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen goes all the way back to shaolin, its a compilation of techniques Hung Hei Goon learned from the abbot of southern shaolin temple it is one of the 4 pillars of Hung Ga and is the first of the four pillars taught

              "It also is reputed to have a super humongousily long form."

              probably thinking about Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen or "tiger and crane double shape fist" its one of the longest forms, created by Hung Hei Goon and modified by Wong Fei Hung

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                4 forms in 9 months? that's a whole lot for a style like hung gar. in my school, you finish the first form after about 6 months.


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                  zach- it's pretty easy when you aren't learning applications along with it.
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                    Hung Kuen is a pretty static style that requires a lot of tension most of the time. The animal hand forms are tough to master as well as to start with and the stances dont flow as much as in most other styles.

                    I have not found it to be a good style for myself to integrate qi or to efficiently string the moves together.

                    But as people said before, its all a matter of the practitioner. There is always a right style for each person, you will have to test it.

                    Nontheless its a very traditional and precious part of Shaolin Quan history.


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