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Shaolin Wahnam Institute Redux: Wong Kiew Kit

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    Jeez mortal why you have to be such an asshole!


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      Why you people are against the teaching of sifu Wong kiew kit. A friend of mine went to his chi kung course and he felt chi in the second day. Sifu Wong never said you will feel incredible chi force. Simply he said you can generate chi flow in my course. If you people don't believe his abilities in fighting, why not fighting him? Of course you will be smashed. He has cosmos palm, no-shadow kicks, iron arm and many more gongs. So please show respect to sifu Wong even if he is not skillful (btw, he is Extremely skillful).


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        that will be 3,000 dollars please...

        cosmos palm is something he made up and admitted it as such- so he has nothing that about a zillion other quacks have.
        "Arhat, I am your father..."
        -the Dark Lord Cod


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          Damn! why does a WKK thing have to get started right before i go to Israel! I'm really interested in where this is going.


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            That video wasn't too bad. I personally wouldn't fight like that unless I wanted to get my ass kicked. But what do I know?

            Alawadhi- 2 days! I know people that have just started learning feel "qi" in less than 2 minutes. I don't think WKK will actually accept a challenge, "masters" like that don't accept challenges, and in fact in the past many real masters would delineate challenges to their students anyways.
            "For some reason I'm in a good mood today. I haven't left the house yet, though. "

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              A jujitsu(spelling?) grandmaster kai from germany train under sifu wong and that means he is really skillful. click on this link to see something interesting about sifu wong.


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                Alawadhi- spare us.

                Haven't you noticed, everyone can be a 'grandmaster.' Look at WKK himself, who made him a Grandmaster? HE did. He made up his own ****, and decided he could make more money that way and tell people if they train with him they have very good karma, but if they decide not to then their karma must be sh1t...

                WKK had three masters I think, from which he learned and put his stuff together and unofficially at that as he admitted he went through no formal ceremony and his cosmos hoopla he blatantly made up while listening to the universe.

                The fact that some jujitsu guy trains under WKK means jack sh1t-
                "Arhat, I am your father..."
                -the Dark Lord Cod


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                  Oh my god...this is pure muthafu¢king comedy on an epic post a link to the Chi dispersal of the clouds!! Would you LOOK at that article! It's utter bull****- that's a fast moving dark cloud and debunkers have 'dispersed' them just like chi-kung grandmasters- because in nature they disperse naturally wether WKK or Cheng are pointing their ass or finger at them.

                  A newspaper does not necessarily know sh1t about conducting a scientific observation and this one sure as sh1t doesn't as they do not provide any details and no control. WKK admitted it himself that the 'test' was scientific in spirit...but that is not how they present the info. Why don't you read something interesting about WKK in our Q&A exchange that he had with us.

                  Get over it, the guy is a quack and should be relegated to Bar Mitzvah acts like his fellow QiGong Grandmaster of the Year Qi Fei Long. One could light up newspaper and the other can make people spas out with idiotic chi flows and disperse fast moving clouds. Or maybe he just pushes the clouds with his chi, yeah, that's it...

                  You know this whole thing reminds me of when one of WKKs 'sifu's' did a demonstration of chi, he put up his leg and three people sat on it- this was supposed to demonstrate that only chi could be responsible for the guy's leg supporting all the people. I thought it was pretty cool then I thought more about it. My 65yr old mommy pulled off the same trick, replicating WKK's student's trick to the T and dotted 'i'.

                  In response the great grandmaster said we were not "doing it right!!"
                  "Arhat, I am your father..."
                  -the Dark Lord Cod


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                    can you please give me the Q&A with sifu. I want to read it. And don't forget that his son broke a brick when he was just 10 years old. That means his cosmos palm(cinnabar palm) is true. Furthermore, I know many people who have benefited greatly from Sifu's teaching.


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                        haha, yeah i remember that picture. "this is my son about to break the brick. i can assure you that he did" or something like that. idiots everywhere rejoiced at this "proof".


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                          Originally posted by alawadhi
                          can you please give me the Q&A with sifu.
                          It's someplace around here. Look for it. Probably 'other' martial arts section.

                          I want to read it.
                          If I was WKK I might say you have the bad karma to read it.

                          And don't forget that his son broke a brick when he was just 10 years old. That means his cosmos palm(cinnabar palm) is true.
                          That is a logical fallacy. His kid breaking asian made bricks...oh dear. Asian bricks crumble at the flick of a lamb's tail! The entire WOL crew brings bricks with them from China for that very reason. Anyway, there are 50 ten yr old kids breaking bricks and kicking through pine board not 2 miles from me in kiddie ninja class. It's not a big deal. You can break a brick probably.

                          Furthermore, I know many people who have benefited greatly from Sifu's teaching.
                          More people probably benefit from taking a 5 mile walk every day. And it is far cheaper.

                          Just look at the cloud dispersal in your own link- surely you can see the bullsh!t they're slinging your way just on that alone?

                          I know it must suck, you really want to believe WKK. You'll get over it, trust me.

                          Do you know why many of us here have water buffalo avatars?

                          It's a joke on WKK and a core group of stunads, because in their not so private forum they were all making fun of us as being too stupid to understand their malarcky, and likened us to Water Buffalo.

                          The guy knows very little about Ch'an Buddhism (he admits he is not part of any monastic lineage- and none of his masters invited him to participate in any formal discipleship transmission), probably he knows some family lineage kung fu and some chi kung which he then added some stuff he made up to, and knows a lot about how to scam people out of serious ducats, and he probably has some light skills in hypnosis, whch many of these cultish guys figure out on their own.

                          In Thailand you can have a house on the beach with a cook, maid, etc for what, a couple hundred bucks a month? I'm sure Malaysia is quite the same. It's a good racket.
                          "Arhat, I am your father..."
                          -the Dark Lord Cod


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                            The WKK stuff is in the FORUM ARCHIVE, under "The Wisdom of WKK".

                            It didn't go too far. Once I started to get into more detailed discussions, (and, started to lay my little traps), WKK backed off from corresponding. That, by itself, made some things clear to me....
                            Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

                            "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

                            (more comments in my User Profile)


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                              Idon'thave a bad karma about sifu wong. but I want to read it to know what is really going on.


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                                Hey wait a minute guys. Didn't you read the article? What impressed me the most was the fact that WKK master can walk through walls. I wish I could do that. Maybe one day if I pay WKK a couple of G's I can learn it.


                                I agree with everything you said. You should be careful what you say about this great master. If he ever sees you he might disperse you like a cloud. Or if he is really mad walk through you!


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