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Shaolin Wahnam Institute Redux: Wong Kiew Kit

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  • Shaolin Wahnam Institute Redux: Wong Kiew Kit

    Anonymous? Come now, are we that scary?

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    Seriously, i've read past discussions on WKK and most of you guys seem to have a problem with his attitude and value for money. Apart from his faults, do you think he is a capable instructor of shaolin kung fu and qigong? I know he got a qigong award in 97.

    I've watched the videos from his website. I've read his q&a on his website. I've read his book on shaolin and his book on zen. Personally, i'm a complete beginner when it comes to shaolin knowledge but he seems very convincing. His books are well written. What he says, looks good, makes sense and seems very in depth. He also seems to have a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

    WKKs attitude is definately interesting. He reminds me of Mas Oyama in some ways. Mainly his arrogance. Admittedly he might not be arrogant but to many people he can across as being arrogant. Let's try and leave his attitude at the door. I'd basically like to know whether it's worth shelling out the cash for his lessons.

    Some of you might say; "oh go and train with him and find out for yourself". I can see your point but his training seems to involve some rhetoric and a level of acceptance on the students behalf, not to mention cost. It's also a matter of effort on my behalf to go train with him and practice what he has taught for a year or so in order to figure out whether he's bullshitting me or not.

    Thinking about wkk methods of teaching kung fu. Do you guys who learn in henan get taught in the same fashion? Have you compared the methods of teaching and what is being taught? Have any of you ever met up to spar and test what you've been learning?

    It would be fantastic if everyone stayed rational and answered the questions exactly how i'd like, but we don't live in a perfect world. Lets just take it easy. Thanks for any help!


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      well shadow i think i can honestly say compared to all the frequent posters here that i know the most about wahnam..

      your asking questions about wkk but its not that easy..for one thing hes pretty "secretive" in a way anyway..i try and address his organization because for the most part what wkk says..his students say, trust me there is like no differentation between wkks oppinions and dan hartwright or ronan sexton or anthony koharis or emiko or darryl or whomever else is over there at wahnam

      they are like sockpuppets he tells them what to say and hes got them all in the palm of his hand

      of course they will vehmetly deny it..but really who cares you can see it plain and simple by the way the talk etc

      now you dont have to believe me or anyone else here..i mean you probably already have a oppinion about most of the regular posters..and ingeneral those who have opposed wahnam

      like me but as you can see i went from belief to non belief to scepticism and now to down right lack of interest

      you say youve read 1-2 of his books and some of his q/a'S?

      ive read all of his books, and a couple of them 3-4 times, i know the complete book of zen and the art of chi kung like the back of my hand, shaolin kung fu and the complete book of taijijuan come in second and in third everything he just came out with and whatever else i missed, ive read through his entire q/a accept for most of his latest like march and april and ive had avid discussions in the past with dan(an "instructor"), ronan and wkks son wong chun nga

      ive also exchanged emails with wkk, dan and a few of his other disciples

      i have looked into this deeper then anyone here can claim to(i think) and i still dont have a definte answer on wahnam as a whole(simply because it is so hard to find out the truth without training, i mean you could go down to malaysia or whatever right now and learn the truth for yourself..if you feel some crazy poweful mystical chi force flowing through you when you train with wkk, then hes real if not, hes a then you demand your money and if he doesnt fork it over you punch him in the head)

      because the things he claims will happen to "most" of his students are hard to deny, and are tempting of read about all that crazy stuff he talks sounds very convincing i know, and the reason it does is because i still feel that there is a chance he is right, but i dont think his teachings are right(i strongly feel hes a fraud..and educated fraud though)

      i believe there is alot left undiscovered in chinese medical paradigm and TCMA..shaolin..wudang all them, i dont think we have even come close to grasping the true greatness of that countrys "riches"

      and its no wonder..they are so damn secretive and seclusive there could be a freaking space ship in hong kong and we wouldnt know till a year after the damn thing landed

      luckily though weve got peeps like doc who keep us updated on the down low in china o.O =)

      so anyway, the best thing you can do imho is to actually just go train with wkk and find out for yourself..i personally just dont care anymore, even if he is real i dont care..i dont like him i dont like his disciples and theire elitist attitude(which they vehemtly deny but always portray) and im just tired of having the same old arguement with the same people

      so make your own decisions(of course you will) and have a nice day =)
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        Sockpuppets? Maestro, you kill me sometimes... LOL

        I've enjoyed reading WKK's stuff, and I've enjoyed my brief interaction with him on the old forum. We had a mutual educational thing going for a while, discussion wise, before Shaolin Wahnam had a discussion forum of their own. They all left, either because the discussions got a little too hot over here for them to deal with, or, and I'd rather not want to believe this, they finally got their web site and their own forum up and running (I hate when people use the popularity of this site to launch their own forums, kind of like, "**** me and don't kiss me in the morning", but, from the last posts that some of the Wahnam members left in the old forum, I can't help but think this).

        Regardless of the reason of their leaving, I wish them the best. WKK's stuff is interesting, but, in my opinion, not always founded in modern scientific principles. But then again, what traditional Chinese stuff is sometimes. The only suggestion I would leave with people, is that they continually question and research for themselves. Remember the one thing that China is truly famous for. Smoke and mirrors. You're gonna see a lot of it if you deal with anything China.

        But, this discussion is for another thread; this area is for discussing videos....

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          I feel like a master should exhibit the characteristics of their teachings. Sometimes the face the public sees is different from the true face, and that is what I thought was happening, that WKKs students were just pricks, and WKK himself would prove otherwise but that turned out to be pretty ****ing far from the case- in fact, WKK came out and SUPPORTED his students and denigrated the rest of us, PERSONALLY- often missing the point of the discussion entirely- but it seems that I have heard a few people now say they don't care if WKK is a dick or not, they still think he's a swell TCMA and a font of knowledge on how to disperse clouds and perform many other magical feats. Good for them. I can't look at him straight anymore. Any shadow of a doubt I had, or respect, is long gone. I had a long hard laugh at their video. Apparently they never heard of actually trying to hit each other, or that their knees, or elbows were weapons. There is a trite saying, a fool and his money are soon parted.

          His award is bullshit, issued from a bullshit organization. Research it. As soon as you start to shine the light of reason and science and logical thought, the card house falls and they can't take the criticism. The same organization gave an award to the Qanmi Gong imbecile. The degree of bullshit that was heaping up around WKK's responses to our questions was staggering. This is obvious to anyone approaching those dialogues with the ability to reason. Even a scan of his website shows how threatened he is by real Shaolin gong fu coming out of Henan. He sounds very intelligent, and so do his students, until you realize it is a charade. It's pseudo intelligence, superfluous and superficial. I am now recalling Anthony, pardon, Antonius's Chinese lessons, and oh yeah, his science lessons too. Jesus.

          I am done pulling any punches on this issue when it comes up. People are being scammed and I think that is wrong.

          I am compiling an article on Qigong and placebo and these scams. I had hoped to have it done by the time I left for Jamaica but that was not the case. WKK is not ready to test his claims, by his own words, so why would you be ready to drop a few g's to train with him? He sure as shit is ready to take your money and write books about stuff he's not too confident in. To me, this does not add up.

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            i think that video clip was just a 2 man training form or something?

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              Arhat's back....

              In typical form no less, lol

              Where the **** you been man??? The gang missed you terribly.

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              "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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                I'm back. Now I am decompressing and trying to figure out how to get back down there. Things move nice and slow down there.

                Well, I have this weird adapting thing anyway. For some reason, when I am in NYC, I LOVE NYC. When I am in Jamaica, I LOVE the women. Uh...I mean I LOVE Jamaica. I forget like, almost everything, never call home, nothing...I have about 400 emails to sort through.

                So soon I will be back to loving NY, probably the food will get me back into the swing of things, no more brushing flies off my patties.

                Okay, so this forum seems pretty cool, nice job Doc. When's the grand opening, Shi Yan Ming said he wants to go for a visit, not like I would have to twist his arm or anything, I don't think he would go to church but I do owe you a tithe for the warmup suit...

                By the way, how do I get these messages I'm told I have?
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                  On the first page of the forum, on the top of the blue part of the page, there's a link called Private Messages. Also, a box should pop up automatically when the browser opens the forum, to tell you that you have private messages; it will also ask you if you want to view them in a separate browser window.

                  This new forum is a bit more complicated, and it takes some time to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty awesome.

                  Good to have you back. I feel the same way about Thailand.

                  "There's no place like Phuket...."
                  Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

                  "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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                    well **** it im going to phuket

                    and btw the pm box doesnt open auto for me when i go through yahoo, and we need a tree view or atleast last weeks instead of what we got goin..but you mentioned that before
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                      As mutch as I hate talking negatively of people I have not met. This video file looks more like an old "Hong Kong" kung fu flick practice then something I would want to base a decision about training on. Posably becouse i was not trained in a traditional fasion (garage lessons from a friend while in marine corpse). It could also be becouse, well I feel a person has to atleast be able to have a face to face conversation before deciding. As is comon with me im going to go with my gut instinct and not take this guy seriously.


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                        you see...

                        you see boris? thats your mystical crazy chi force in your dan tian thats tellin you that!! you gotta believe it man!!


                        good choice though..if you really believe what you say then youve accomplished what it took me 2 years to figure

                        "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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                          This is one pathetic vid.


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                            It's like these ppl haven't heard of using their legs, knees, or elbows to hit each other...


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                              The kid doing the dahongquan form would wipe the street with these guys !

                              I find it intersting that all the negative comments about this clip is OK.
                              I didn't see one guy defend them. If it was me critiqing it you all would have been telling me how I am wrong. lolol

                              Merry Christmas
                              For those fags who are offended by that I say again

                              MERRY ****ING CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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