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What's up with the continuous punch???

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    considering since you say your not as advance carona you explained the intent maybe even better than i couldve, the intent isnt like some telepathic thing, its just while my arm is on yours, so as you get ready to move it i will feel it and react accordingly, either continue your arm in that same direction and throw you off balance, or maybe move around the point and take your centerline

    the chain punch is like carona said exactly what it means, a continuous chain of punches, its once weve have taken your centerline or got you in a bad position off balance when were are inside, its like bamm theres the opening punch punch punch until the person goes down, never giving him a chance to regain his composure.. the whole point of the jarring motions in pak sao, lop sao, etc , is to make the opponent freeze up then once they do never let them regain composure... youve seen or experienced how hard it is when you catch a jarring hit or lose balance and someone throws a couple punches its like whoa i need to step back and shake it off... just imagine as you were thinking in your head i need to step back boom there we are in your face with continuous punches running you over

    heres a click on youtube from one of the other senior guys chi saoing at my school ... didnt feel like figuring out how to put a link


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      Originally posted by LeiYunFat
      Sensing intent, huh? I hope the WC intent training is better than the ninjitsu intent training...LOL

      The way I've come to understand this "intent" makes it seem vauge. I'd describe it like, a momentum, or a prediction/educated guess on what you're opponent's going to try next. After doing basic chi sau, I've found that it's suprisingly effective.
      I can't believe you would say this, then have the gall to challenge some of the things I say.

      If you can't explain intent, why should I accept the other things you say?

      Intent is sensing the other person's energy. Or, intent is sensing the other person's thoughts.

      Chain punching to me is a couple of things I didn't see mentioned.

      Chain punching is a psyhcological attack. The muliple impacts prevent the other person from recovering like they would if you gave them multiple boxing style punches or other kung fu style punches.

      Chain punching is about physics. A chain punch comes straight in. It is fast and direct. Something like a right cross is a looping style punch that takes more time to execute. The difference in time is a maybe less than a second but it does count.

      Chain punching is about targets. Everyone thinks about fighting as in winning a fight instead of fighting as a means of saving your life. Wing Chun was invented for women who are usually shorter than men. If a short woman does a chain punch to a man, their arms are almost always at throat level. That is the target for chain punches. You punch someone in the throat, they die.

      Because you can't go around killing people in modern society, people use chain punches on the face instead. Obviously a punch to the bones in the face is not as effective as a punch to the soft flesh covered airway in the throat.
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        That's what I just said, minus all the stupid shit.
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          i said it prevents the other person from regaining their composure.. and its more of sensing the energy, not so much the thought, its that the thought of doing something usually leads you to begin to do it.. like when you wanna punch someone then your arm starts to tense up, chi sao practice teaches us to not do that, so when we go we just go with no warning or telegraphing.. probably were bruce lee got the nontelegraphing punch from... he only trained wingchun for like 2 years but some of the stuff he says in his books, is alot of what is really advanced wingchun stuff


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            Do you know that Bruce went back to his old Wing Chun school and proceeded to whoop up all of Yip's top students after perfecting his Jeet Koon Do??? At least this is what he claimed in his books. (not whoop as in actualy fight, just friendly challenges)

            And I might be wrong, but I was under the impression that Bruce had studdied in Wing Chun under Yip Man for the majority of his childhood.
            "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest


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              I think you're right about Bruce's childhood, though there's a lot of bullshit info out there, especially about Bruce.

              I don't know about one-upping Yip's students, though.
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                see ive always read that yea he did start martial arts training when he was a kid but he learned like tai qi or something from his dad i think.. then when he was like 12 , 13 , or 14 william cheung had introduced him to yip man, but yip man only taught the advance students so wong shun long did most of the teacher, but yip man still taught him privately sometimes.. but then i think when he was like 15 or so , he got into a fight with like a triad members son or something , so they sent him back to america.. but as far as i knew he only had a couple years training in wingchun... and as far as him beating the top students, we know jkd is a mixture of many styles much like mixed martials arts, and bruce had training in juijitsu.. so for all we know he couldve went there took someone to the ground where he knew they werent strong at, and beat them there... so im not saying what is or isnt true, im just saying theres plenty we dont know.. but the one thing thats known is he didnt learn the complete system.. im not tryna put the man down coz i love bruce, im just saying as far as his actually wc training went

                and ive heard stories about wong shun long i dont know about bruce whooping him, not to mention yip ching, could only imagine him in his younger days, heard stories about him breaking the arms off of a wooden dummy, and its not even the actually hitting of the arms on the wood , but the amount of waist power youd have to generate to do so, sick


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                  Now You've got me all interested... See,,,, Now I'm gonna have to look for my old books and get all "hooked on Bruce" again. I can see it now, I'll end up watching his movies over and over for a month straight, study some of his stratagies and start doubting my love of more Wushu related martial arts for something more usefull in a real fighting situation even though I'm horribly pacifistic.

                  Bruce was awesome though. Not only his speed, power, and skill, but he also had a magnetic personality. One of my fathers friends met him out in Cali., said he really was a great guy ! Ahhhhh R.I.P.
                  "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest


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                    I heard he had a huge domineering ego...

                    But, whatevs, I'm still a huge fan, and when you kick ass like that, you deserve to talk crap.
                    Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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                      yea yo i heard when he was in school he was a bully and what not, and started most of the fights you'd read about he got into... but that doesnt stop me from liking the man, from stories i heard my teacher used to be a bully as well... has anyone else heard that they used to call wingchun guys bastard gongfu, if so maybe its just a wingchun thing


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