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  • New mixed CMA's School

    Came accros this website

    Looks good, good info

    So i sent an email with some Questions and they was answered well

    Any one else know about this new school in the south of china?

    It looks alot better then the shaolin websites/schools that are out there.

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    don't know, but it's 5500 usd a year. amazing...!


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      Amazing meaning good or bad?

      I thought thats not a bad price with everything included, no hidden fees.


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        Does not seem to be too bad, but going through it in a bit more detail, I would recommend to clarify a few things that caught my eye. Maybe its phrased a little awkward, but nevertheless..

        Rules & Regulations

        Excessive behaviour in any form will be dealt with immediately with the perpetrator having to accept whatever ruling is made without question.

        (Meaning what?).


        Any fees payable to the school must be made by a bank to bank transfer and all fees as agreed will be paid in full after the initial 5 day induction period.

        (Above its 5 days, below its 7)

        If students wish to leave within the 7 day induction period the fee will be charged for accommodation and all meals at the rate of US$30 per day, these fees can be paid in cash.

        For the unexpended balance of their course no refunds will be made to students who do not want to continue their training as a result of their mistake or not wanting for any other reason other then to continue.

        (Define "their mistake" and also this means you pay for a year and after the intro period you might don't want to continue, you are out a lot of money)

        There might be more but that was a casual browse through only.



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          1. A nice website does not make for a good school.
          2. The Chinese are budding capitalists. Not necessarily good capitalists.
          3. I've discussed their "business concepts" before.
          4. There are thousands of these schools all over China.
          5. We've seen this before.

          Be careful.
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            amazing means i can't believe people pay those prices. as i've said before, that's over two and half times an annual "beijinger's" salary. no one other than a foreigner could, or, would pay that much. 5 to ten teachers/coaches/ etc.. could easily live off of what they are making from a group of students for a few years. maybe more.


            average annual income for a "beijinger" -- USD 2000

            average monthly cost for a nice room/apartment in china -- RMB 400 - 1000(about about 50 to 100 USD dollars a month). at most - USD 1200 (considered an expensive place)

            food is very cheap. about 1 to 5 RMB per meal / 3 meals a day X 365 = 1095meals X 3rmb (av. meal is, let's say, 3rmb) = 3285 (USD411 for the year)

            so that's about USD 1600 or so in total for food and accommodation...not including your bills for water and electricity. which means....your paying
            close to USD 4000 for gongfu lessons... ???


            I think it's ridicules. in the states.... or elsewhere, well, it's a totally different story. but, in china, to be frank.. i think it's straight up bullshit... these "masters" should be charged for robbery.

            bet you won't see chinese paying those prices.


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              I live in Xiamen, fujian. Just a train ride away from this place so im gonna go there the weekend and check it out.

              Will get back to you monday.


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                Maybe its expensive maybe it is'nt.

                1 School i do think is expensive and thats the beijing wushu school at US$10000 per year and you only get a few hours training per day.

                Ive been in china a long time and a room your talking about for that kind of money would be a shit hole. you can add a naught on the end of that 400
                The food your describing 1 to 5 RMB per meal, you must be talking about the little chinese noodle restaurants.

                If you do want better then basic (very basic your talking about) then you will pay more.

                And peoples salery in the south is alot better then people in the north of China. And the salery for what kind of job are you talking about?

                onesp1ng i noticed you live in Hangzhou, what do you do there? if you dont mind me asking...


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                  you're in xiamen? personally think it's a great place. i really enjoyed my stay there. would love to visit again... (hint hint) hahahah ;-)

                  no, i'm not in hangzhou right now. actually that was last summer when i was interning as an assistant translator for a couple months stint. never got around to changing my sig and everything... just kind of add new stuff when it comes up. i was an english teacher in qingdao from 2002-3(made 6,000rmb a month, plus bonuses and travel loot, etc), then from 2003 to 2006 lived in taiwan, and last summer i was back to china. planning on returning to taiwan this dec or jan, and hopefully set out for the 2008 olympics sometime after...

                  mmmm, you're right in a way. i mean... if you have it, spend it. i just tend to live a bit more frugally, and also see it from the perspective of doing business as opposed to being provided a service (or should I say, foreign commodity). if my estimates are a bit off with the food, it's been a while.. i really don't think, however, that they are taking people out for expensive meals or anything. they probably serve caf. food like most places. shouldn't cost too much. and 1000rmb in 2002 could get you a very nice pad in qingdao. anyhow, i still contend that foreigners are the only ones who'd foot such high bills for gongfu lessons.

                  suppose that's why it works though...

                  so what are you doing in xiamen? how long have you been?


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                    Ive lived in China the last 5 years, 1st came here for martial arts up north for a year,looked around & found out there was alot of potential for money making in China so i stayed and have been doing bits and pieces here ever since.
                    My wifes from Xiamen so thats why ive been here the last 2 years. At the moment me and a friend are working on a idea, if that works then i will be a very happy man.

                    The school i went to 1st in jilin, The Siping Shaolin Acadamy was bullshit with the prices, they did have prices for westerners and low prices for Chinese. And always had hidden fees for you or wanted money in 1 way or another.

                    I sent an email to this dragon school and asked if they had chinese students and they replyed the school was specifically set up for westerners and have a western manager.

                    So thats 1 of the reasons i want to check it out this weekend, it should be different from all the other normal bullshit chinese run schools.


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                      They also said if Chinese students do want to go to thier school it will be the same price for everyone


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                        Allrounder, I don't think you're understanding "our drift". It's understandable; if you're westerner, you're looking at these websites, and these businesses, with a western understanding. And a western expectation.

                        Let me be blunt.

                        The mainland chinese have no problem lying. Period. Bring them to America, and they don't seem to change much. Just ask any attorney that's been in a courtroom with them.

                        Mainland Chinese businessmen are solely interested in how much money they make. Customer satisfaction, repeat business, quality, etc, are concerns that they don't have. If you don't believe me, open the news on any day, and you're sure to find yet another instance of some Chinese factory putting some god awful chemical shit in our food or toothpaste.

                        I've dealt with these people quite extensively over the years. There are a few who are honorable and wonderful to deal with. But the problem that you have with these internet advertising schools, is that there are thousands of them. And they're all looking for some poor smuck to take his money. Since there are not many smucks out there wanting to go to China to train (and deal with the hardships of living there), the competition is fierce for customers. They're going to take what they can get, both in customers, and from customers. They really could give a shit if you're happy.

                        Which is why I have problems with the "pay for the year in advance" bullshit, and the "we'll throw your ass out whenever we want without reason" bullshit. It's typical Chinese. They don't care.

                        Call me old, jaded and cynical. I think of it more as wisdom. Read my post above, again, and try to understand what you're getting into. I have no problem with any of these schools training wise; I do have an issue if someone wants a year's worth of money up front. Let's face it, odds are, you won't last a year, and they know it. After two months you will probably be so disgusted with either the school, the lack of attention that you're expecting, or life in China in general. They know this, it's the typical response that most foreigners have to living at these schools. And, in a way, it's good business, for the Chinese. They know that you're hard up to "train with shaolin monks", and that you've got money (relative to them). They're feeding off of this desire, hoping that you go away relatively soon into your training, and leave your money in their bank account.

                        The Chinese lie. Read that again. And if you think they charge every one of those little Chinese kids that are training there, that fee, you've got your head so far up your ass dreaming about shaolin la la land that we can't help you.

                        Wow. That was angry, LOL. Sorry. I'm dealing with visa issues for my Thai girlfriend again, at our lovely US embassy in Bangkok. It's a damn frustrating experience, especially after I've been tarnished by Xingwei's breach of contract and visa agreement.

                        Again, just be careful.
                        Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

                        "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

                        (more comments in my User Profile)


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                          Doc spits hot fire...

                          He's totally right though I spend time in china few years back and thats all I saw. Blatant out right lying to everything they could to make a buck. I laugh when i see tv reports coming from china about all the progress they are making and how great they are blah blah blah. I tell people it would be super conservative to say half that shit is just made up. Just like these websites it would be super conservative to say half of whats there is just made up.

                          I can picture it now. You pay for the eyar fly your ass there. they pick you up form the airport for a $100 transport fee. then you get to training they will asky ou want you want to learn and then teach you some basic forms and basics with no real emphasis on making you understand them or get good at them. Who cares when you leave they still get paid.
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                            They also said if Chinese students do want to go to thier school it will be the same price for everyone
                            it's set up for westerners, but if chinese want to go they will have to pay the same price>? well, that's kind of my point. chinese either pay much lower prices to train, or, well, they are not really welcome... because ultimately they just can't afford it.
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                              I don't trust these big schools, most of the people that learn quite a bit from real teachers in China are the one's you most likely will not find online but by word of mouth.

                              Plus you can learn quality martial arts in most Western countries if you know where to look.
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