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  • tetsumaru
    Yeah the mid-west can suck in regards of schools. You should just try this one out and then try all of the other ones out and find out how YOU feel about them.

    My opinion, which means next to nothing, is that this guy is a decent teacher but what he teaches is just the water flowing from a creek thats flowing from river. I base this on what he has on his website and did a quick google of all the "qualifications" that he has listed. The ultimate black belt test is an interesting idea.....

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  • langdon0555
    started a topic Sip Pal Gi

    Sip Pal Gi

    I have always been interested in learning kung fu ever since i was younger. I live in Indiana where there is basically no schools at all but i did find this school which actually is very close to my apartment says they teach authentic kung fu but i think its korean kung fu passed to them from chinese immigrants. Is this for real?...anybody familiar with this style or train in it now? I ask because i would love to learn and this seems to really be the only option since Indiana obvisouly sucks as far as is the website with background info, etc.
    Please any and all feedback is greately appreciated.
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