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  • Shaolin do / style question

    I have been training in Shaolin Do for almost a year... I have pretty much believed most of the history / grandmaster for the last year... I believed that that was the style that everyone practiced when they said "Shaolin" (as in sholin gong fu) ... then I happened to stumble on this site and was shown the viewpoints and styles of other martial artists.

    My question is... should i discontinue my training in search of a another teacher/school. I hope to someday be able to visit China (often) to train and if possible move there. I do not want to continue something that is, how to put it, not what I should be putting my efforts. I live in Cincinnati and I dont believe there are any other Shaolin schools around me but I would not mind training in, traditional wushu. Personally all of this is making me quite confused haha.

    Any insight or help, I might have have said somthing wrong about the traditional wushu ... no offense meant.

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    Well it depends what your sifu is like. If you like his/her teaching style and are learning alot from the practice, then stay with it. If not, and even if you can't find a shaolin gongfu school in your area, then perhaps try looking at other gongfu schools. Maybe hung gar is more you're thing. Maybe sun style taijiquan. Run a search on the internet for schools within a distance your comfortable commuting within, and see what's around.
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