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    Submitted by Uwe, from the US State Dept:

    Any US Citizen traveling to China MUST have a VISA PRIOR to arriving in China. Before, some were traveling to China with letters of invitations and getting their visa upon arrival. No longer the case.. All US citizens MUST have the visa before departing the USA. This process will take approximately 5 working days.. However, in some cases we can request a rush 1-2 days.

    Also, US Citizens can no longer obtain China visas in Hong Kong. We do have travelers who take side trips in and out of Hong Kong and have received their China visas in Hong Kong this will no longer happen.
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    Students visa

    Form JW202 or JW 201 issued by the State Education Commission of China and notice of admission from the receiving university are required. X visas are issued to students staying in China for more than six months, while F visas are given to those staying for less than six months. Both visas are multiple-entry. Applicants must undergo a medical test or provide written proof that they underwent a medical before entering China.

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