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  • Going to Shaolin o.O

    so, maestro finally wants to go to shaolin! lol, i really wanna go ive made up my mind im trying to figure everything out, ive got a passport, im looking to get the multiple entry visa because it lasts longer and is the same price as the other one

    anyway, ive got some questions for those of you who have been there or are going, i know lfj is going with his friends or whatever.

    doc said go from here to beijing then beijing to zheng zhou, i looked up flights and flights from nyc to zhengzhou are like 3-4 hundred more expensive then going from nyc to beijing then getting on another flight from beijing to zhengzhou for 100 bucks

    my question about that is, is this how its done, should i buy both tickets and leave a few hours 3-4 inbetween if possible so i can just chill for a bit then get on the other flight or is it easier to just go to beijing airport and buy the ticket to zhengzhou when im there

    i have other questions like..what is zhengzhou and where are the schools but i dunno about that right now, im more interested in the flight

    and also about the visa, there are sites on the web when i bring up chinese embassy that say i can go through them to get the visa instead of going back and forth and then back and forth again to nyc for the visa, has anyone used one of these services before or know anything about them?
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    that's how it's done. get both tickets. it's china, you don't speak the language, things are always changing ( u might not be able to purchase tickets that day, hr, etc). make it easy on yourself. beijing airport is a crazy place.

    (btw, you probably will have to pay airport tax, so you should do that before boarding your second flight. from my experience, they won't let you on without the receipt, though things may have changed since i was last there.)

    -if u get the second ticket beforehand, your only worries will be getting to your destination and enjoying the trip.

    as for the visa, usually i go to new york and can get it processed the same day. an alternative is to hand them a self addressed, prepaid envelop... and they will mail it back to you. but you should call the consular office directly and they will tell you what's up. if u have time etc you can use a service. i personally never did, but it might be useful in your particular situation.


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      yeh im thinking about picking up a little mandarin cause who knows..

      so ill have to buy 2 tickets thats good to know, thats 1 thing less to think about, but whats airport tax? i never heard of that lol but things are changing alot..

      ill give the office a call although i couldnt find anything on their site, ill llook more, if i could do it in 1 day maybe ill just go and make a day out of it but the services look ok i was just curious if anyone had used them

      ty for the reply
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        i think this is the number: 212-244-9456

        i think you can send it in a yellow envelope, then pick it up when it's ready. or you bring it to them, then they send it back. i forget which way it's done now, but regardless, as i remember, you only have to go into the city once.

        (pretty sure they send it back to you, but don't quote me.. lol..)

        in hongkong, where you've been, there's no airport tax. but in most major chinese airports, there is. basically it's just a tax (was like 50rmb at the time) that you pay for flying, using the facilities, etc.. (what's it used for? no idea.) all i know is that you pay it and give it to the flight attendant - person who checks tickets - before boarding. boarding. :-)

        anyone who's been to the beijing airport knows the lines can be, and often are, absolutely crazy. i'm reminding you because the first time i was there, i waited in line for my flight ...only to be told that i couldn't board since i didn't pay the tax. how should i know? i didn't speak the language, and the guy just flung his arm at me, which was to say, get out of line dumbass and go pay the tax. you're just a number. i don't care who you are or where your from, the tax or go away. if i didn't do the 'excuse me, i'm looking for my friend in the front of line' thing, i would have missed that flight for sure.

        that was my introduction to china. not paying that tax and having to wait in line twice is honestly my first memory. lol...

        anyhow, glad i could be of some help...


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          here's some more info on airport tax:

          Airport construction fee is collected for the development of airport facilities. This fee is called airport tax abroad. In China, the Airport construction fee amounts to CNY90 (around US$13) for international flights, CNY50 (about US$7.3) for domestic flights and CNY10 for branch flight routes. From September 1st, 2004, the airport construction fee has been included in the airfare and is listed in the TAX item on the ticket.

          According to the regulations issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), passengers under the following four conditions are exempt from paying the airport construction fee:

          1. Children under 12 (or at 12) with half-fare tickets
          2. Passengers holding diplomatic passports on international, Hong Kong or Macau flights
          3. International passengers in transit through domestic airports, but stay within the airport waiting hall
          4. Passengers taking domestic planes for transit on the day (within an 8 hour interval to the next flight)

          In China, the airport construction fee will be charged at CNY10 for those passengers taking the domestic feeder-lines of the following aircrafts:
          Aircraft Name Aircraft Code
          CESSNA208(大篷车) 208
          DONIER328 D38
          ATR-72 AT7
          CRJ-200 CRJ
          ERJ145 ERJ
          新舟60 EM4
          冲8-400 DH8
          运12 YN2

          Related information:
          First charged in 1992, the airport construction fee should have been cancelled by 2005 according to the document that the Ministry of Finance of China released in 2002. But now its expiration time has been put off to 2010.

          In recent years, calling off the airport construction fee is always a heated topic. Many people and public media think that the CAAC takes advantage of its monopoly to charge this fee. From 1992 to now, the airport construction fee that the CAAC has accumulated is more than CNY30 billion. But how it has been used is still a very complicated problem. The CAAC explains that they turn over a sum of money to the State Treasury each year. One part of the money is controlled by the State Financial Budget; and the other is used to develop the local airport construction.

          Is it a misunderstanding between ordinary people and the CAAC, or isn't this regulation transparent enough? It is believed that with the improvement of the state system, people can draw a correct conclusion to this discussion.


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            lol, any and all help is appreciated ive got plenty of time to look into certain aspects, it says it should be included on my tickets thats a good for me. i have another question also that i suppose is important

            what can i do to order a ticket out like say from shaolin could i go on the internet somewhere and buy a ticket to thailand or whats the deal with that

            cause right now i dunno hwo long im gonna stay i wanna go to de chengs school because doc said he would help me but i dunno the prices or "packages" they sell, im well aware shaolin is a shit hole but id still like to stay for 3-4 months

            so i wont be buying a roundtrip ticket..also i dont really wanna come back here id like to go to thailand/cambodia/vietnam
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              there are plenty of small travel agencies around that can help you with a ticket to thailand or wherever. you might think of checking prices before buying to be safe, but.... that's not really a big issue. basically your doing one visa run, if you get multiple entry, you could fly somewhere or...taking a train is another option.

              yeah, that's odd. it says, 'International passengers in transit through domestic airports, but stay within the airport waiting hall.'

              wonder if i got lost or something? i really don't remember. guy was just like, get out of here... stupid!! lol... .\/.

              you may get a 'one month free your american stamp,' happens all the time... but after that you'll have to pick up and move matter where you go. do a visa run....something....etc...


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                thinking of moving back soon myself. maybe somewhere like oregon. somewhere quiet with mountains and water.

                i can be happy anywhere as long as i can train, and there are mountains, and water...

                nice and quiet is just a little bonus...


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                  what do you train in? i recently just started training in xing yis 5 elements, i dont practice the 12 styles or anything mostly because i practice other things but also cause i cracked a rib doing jiu jitsu lol so i gotta take it easy..which i havent been but its getting better.

                  and oregon seems nice, i had a friend from there he said theres lots of freaky girls well "guranteed some *****" was what he said lol probably my biggest fear about asia is the lack therof or my stark fear of getting aids or having sex with a transexual in thailand
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                    The "lesbian capital of the world" is in Oregon. Along with tons of way far left liberals, Obama lovers, and other types of crazies.

                    Beautiful state though. Have fun!
                    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

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                      why take the plane?

                      hang around in beihing and dont let em talk abut u as ta

                      i dislike to feel to be talked like an object

                      i am he so i am not ur teacher! lolo

                      maybe i am wrong...


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                        Funny you mention XingYi. I taught a class this saturday for a friend who was out of town. first time in years..

                        Anyway i guess all his students figured it was a day off, so only one showed up.

                        She had a background in xingyi- her teacher made her hold San Ti for a whole friggin year. at that point she moved to the US for school.

                        So after saturday, she has Pi Quan on her list to practice =D

                        Kinda made me want to get back into Xingyi.

                        On a separate note, anyone been doing Wing Chun?


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                          Wing Chun, i praktice like this, with sat energy, speed of light. Veg sekrets!


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