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  • balance

    Are there any good exercices that helps you improve the balance and the stability of all types of movements?
    Twisting movements etc.

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    There was this interesting exercise I seen in a magazine from the people at, let me see if I can find information on it...hmm, I don't know if they still have their magazines online. Anyways, it was as if you would go down into a really low twist stance and then out kind of like a lunge mixed with a squat.


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      Well, for simple balance exercises, things like standin on one leg whilst putting on socks and tying shoe laces. When you do it raise your knee as high as possible and try to keep your body straight. I find this helps develop a good "root".

      Also, try standing on one leg with your other leg extended horizontally in front of you and lower your self to the ground keeping your foot flat on the floor. It develops good balance and good leg strength.

      Try practising all your movements slower so you get a better understanding of the movement(s) involved and how your weight is being distributed. This works for all movements - kicks, punches, stance changes, grappling.

      Have fun
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        One legged squat...I have trouble just doing one, haven't practiced it enough.


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          Are there any good exercices that helps you improve the balance and the stability of all types of movements?

          I can't imagine anything better then forms practice for balance and stability.


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            Listen to Mortal there, that's damn good advice. I forgot that one.

            I personally find doing small sections repeatedly works well, especially for muscle memory on transitions between stances.

            Any preference you have?
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              Doing small sections is great! I love just doing little peices as fast and vicious as possible.


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                Doing them slowly will help improve your balance, more so than doing them quickly, especially forms that have kicks and other leg raises. I've always found forms practice to be very helpful with improving balance.
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                  i once had a friendly match with a friend of a friend who did tai chi since he was a little kid. i can tell you it was nearly impossible to get this kid off balance. of course he was about 3/4 my size, so he had a lower center of gravity, but he was like one of those weeble-wobble toys - you could get him so his back was nearly horizontal with the ground and he would bounce right back up like nothing happened.

                  it was pretty cool, but i also learned another lesson that day. if you can kick and strike fast enough it doesn't really matter how balanced the other guy is. if he wants to put you off balance he still has to keep up with your speed and have his timing down perfectly, and if you're even a little unpredictable he's not gonna be able to do that. and if you're gonna take a fall, trying to catch yourself and bounce back, however cool it may look, is gonna give the other guy all the time he needs to do you in.


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                    Just stand on one leg as much as is humanly possible. and don't forget to switch legs.
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                      Since we're talking about standing on one leg. Whilst standing on one leg I also do calf jumps. When I put the foot down that I've had raised and put weight on it it feels really "weird" - almost painful. If however I lower the leg but shake the foot for a few seconds I don't have any problems.

                      It's not an issue for me, I'm just curious really
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                        Aha, I just remembered something my uncle taught me.

                        Stand in a horse stance, and punch with your left hand.

                        After that, punch out with your right hand while kicking with the left. Try to keep your leg straight.

                        After holding this posture for 2-3 seconds, reverse it.

                        Punch with the right hand, retract, punch out with the left while kiking with the right. Hold for 2-3 seconds.

                        Not only will it improve your balance, but it will improve your coordination as well.
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