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  • Training in China - help pls

    I am looking for a school which teacher Authentic kung fu (style doesn't matter). If they teach internal arts too that is fine. What I am looking for is something near Shenzhen city, or in the round about area, with decent accomodation for a reasonable price. I'm thinking along the lines of this is too much to ask for, but I am hopeful.

    If the school does not offer accomodation, I am happy to seek it elsewhere, so long as it is close by and also meets the living/dollar standards.

    I also would like to learn Chinese. My girlfriend is in Shenzhen at the moment and it would be nice to visit her at some point, she is Chinese so it would help if I can learn the language.

    So Kung fu, internal arts and san da would be nice.

    But if they only offer Kung fu that is fine, so long as it is the real thing and the teachers can speak English to an understandable extent.

    Also what do you think about this school? I know it isn't in shenzhen, but it looks good :

    Thankyou I will watch this thread with great interest.

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    I wish you luck in your search.
    I'm relatively up the Road in Guangzhou, and well I know a bit about the scene down here and I'd be surprised if you find something. People don't come to Shenzhen to learn gongfu. They are too busy making money. Its also very expensive to live there. It doesn't really add-up as a venue for a school this being the reality.

    Just outside Guangzhou is a place called Foshan and there you will find more provision in southern kungfu styles. That would be commuteable to shenzhen. Not sure how long but probably under 1.30mins each way.

    Good luck again!



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      Sorry, I can't help you. I have many connections in Shaolin / Dengfeng, but none down there. I don't know the area at all; never been there. Wish you luck in your investigation, let us know what you find.
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        Kung-Fu doesn't just give a person strength and skill, it also teaches him patience, joy from the movement and awareness of his own possibilities...It's mainly about the health of body and spirit.

        Also what do you think about this school? I know it isn't in shenzhen, but it looks good : and


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