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    is there any differences between shaolin kung fu and just plain ol kung fu

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    yes there is

    read through the ARCHIVE

    theres alot to learn about TCMA(traditional chinese martial arts)

    for one the difference between shaolin kung fu and "regular" kung fu(in a nut shell) would be one is for spiritual enlightenment, the other for combat

    of course shaolin kung fu is also good for combat/health etc

    and so is "regular" kung fu, im not gonna say it cant be used for spiritual cultivation because no one can say..because it very well could, just usually "regular" kung fu wasnt

    but..when you talking about taijijuan(kung fu) that is also i guess "regular" kung fu even came from a school just as famous as shaolin(wudang) and it was basically a combination of shaolin kung fu and wudang long fist, taijijuan is used for combat/health/spiritual cultivation but its more widely known then shaolin kung fu..

    well not more widely know just taught more..

    and theres lots of differences between the other styles besides just the general terms i used i mean my god man there were/are so many TCMA styles throughout the history of china theres no way you could just ask a question like that and get the real down low on em..but generally what i stated above is what it comes down to..shaolin kung fu - wudang kung fu or any templar kung fu is usually for spiritual cultivation(that inculdes the health aspect to)

    and "regular" kung fu is used for combat

    so anyway..that should satisfy you till you read the archives..

    btw when you dive into those archives(if you ever do) do it with an open mind and unbiased oppinion..or atleast try ones expecting you to be christ or anything it just helps to read approach things like this with an open mind..

    "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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