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looking for a genuine school in Los Angeles

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  • looking for a genuine school in Los Angeles

    i just now moved to los Angeles specifically in Woodland Hills and i would appreciate any information in a genuine school for practisisng ShaolinGong Fu .Please if anybody has any valuable information just let me know. despite all the search i have done the last month i don't find anything , i mean it's amazing the effort some ''teachers'' persuadeyou that they are real Shaolin monks i m 30 years old and honestly this is my last effort into chinese martial arts i m really tired trying to find a real genuine teacher i think this is outopia , they only concern about how much money they will make,they don't care about the physical conditioning of the student at all, they ask more or less 250 dollars per month and with only 3 hours per week ,and they look the clock to see if the hour is over to charge you more or end the class. does anybody has the idea that with 3 hours a week will ever be able to learn anything or even ''conquer'' a style or even just a form ,when in China all they do from morning to dawn is practising, i wish i had the ability to go and stay there but i can't afford right now so for taking so long to my first post but i needed somewhere to share my pain thank all..

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    Well, just really depends what style of shaolin you are looking for. There are lots of shaolin schools. I would recommend these for the LA area.


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      i know how you feel, i live on the east coast and although there are plenty of schools in boston or new york im 2 hours away from both. i ended up meeting an extremely knowledgeable teacher but anyway i dunno anything about the west coast. i know theres alot of schools and teachers out there but im not sure what citys or areas etc dont give up though, maybe look outside chinese arts for awhile till you find something u like
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        in la looking for genuine shaolin gongfu? :-)

        good luck!


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          Years ago, when I brought De Cheng and his coach to the US, they were one of the few "shaolin monks" on the west coast. As De Cheng later told me, his coach never took vows, and never learned all that De Cheng had wanted to teach to him. He was basically a Chinese citizen who knew some gong fu, and had known it well.

          The point being, even when you bring these guys over from China, there's going to be debate as to what a monk is or isn't. And, what his knowledge level really is.

          Now I brought them from China, from Shaolin. One was real, the other just some kid who thought he was smarter than he really was.

          Now, "there's a Shaolin monk" on every street corner. You even have large US karate schools proclaiming that they teach genuine Shaolin gong fu.

          I guess the point is, good luck. Caveat emptor (buyer beware). There's so much bullshit in the martial arts world, you'll never know what's real and what isn't. Best thing to do is do what I had done: go to China every half year or so, learn from a genuine master, and (try to) study on your own when you get back.

          Or, just find someone that you can work out with, that you can learn from, and don't worry if it's "genuine" or not.

          Remember, even in Dengfeng, "genuine" is changing every year...
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            Well considering the OP has not followed up or specified what all he has searched one can only assume what he is looking for. Who knows maybe he posted that on purpose. Yes I would have to agree there is literally a monk from shaolin on just about every corner.

            I think those that have been around or part of Shaolin for a while now, know that sometimes what you see isn't what you get. There are all kinds of stories floating out there about some of the monks and their schools. I try to look at it this way. Even though there may be contraversy surrounding some of the monks, they still do not represent all of shaolin. Shaolin was founded and based on good moral turpitude. As much stuff as I seen and read I still believe in the good of Shaolin.


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