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Shaolin Monks of the 30th Generation

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  • Shaolin Monks of the 30th Generation

    Hi everybody,

    I am doing a research about the older generation Monks. I know that there are now not many left, actually I only know one at this time. Shi Su Gang. Are there any others left of the 30th Generation?

    And I try to find out more about Shi Su Gang. Who was his teacher and when did he come to Shaolin or when did he become a monk? Any more information about him would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    Su Gang, the Chin Na master? He's still alive? Didn't look to well the last time I visited with him a few years ago.

    If it's the same guy, I had spelled it Su Gong. What the hell did I know about pinyin back then...
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      Hi Doc,

      well according to my information he is still alive (more or less) and he got his own small school now. Anyhow I would love to know more about his background. Who was his Master at Shaolin Temple? I am not totally sure but I think once I read something that he didn't have a Master at the temple, but due to his Martial Arts abilities he was accepted as a brother of one of the other 30. Generation monks... Don't know if that is true or if that is even possible??? If not who could have been his teacher and when did he become a wuseng? Or maybe anybody has heard of him by his normal wordly name (Yu Guo Qiang)? Got this name due to his business card that I got from him many years ago before he started to show me some Chin Na and his then beloved Tai Chi......

      Anyhow I think he is an interesting person and I would love to know more about him or about his background.



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