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masters from YanZhang's school performing in the London Millenium Dome

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  • masters from YanZhang's school performing in the London Millenium Dome

    If anyone is interested in seeing the quality of the instructors from YanZhang's school, these guys are performing at the millenium Dome in London at the "Festival of Asia" August 23rd-August 25. the website is: You can check it for times etc.

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    I'll definitely be there...

    Anyone know what the heck Alka Yagnik Kumar Sanu is...?


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      Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu are two singers from India.
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        I thought that was Shi Yanzi on the poster, am I seeing things? Perhaps even Shi Yan Jiang in the background in his impossibly clean white robes?


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          You are correct, that's Yanzi, Yan Shang, and Yan Jiang in his impeccibly clean white robes on the cover. Actually, Yanzi went to China 4 weeks ago, to YanZhang's school to personally select the group who would be coming over for the Feastival. Yanzi organized it. Maybe they are performing too? That would be great, I really hope so. I'll ask him and Yan Shang this week.


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            My attendance at classes has been very poor of late so I'm a little out of the loop with regards goings on, hence not even knowing Yanzi had gone. Of course that's about to change and as you say it will be good to see the performance, in fact the only thing that will get me to go to that monstrosity of a waste of money (the dome).


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              Could someone tell me what time and day the Shaolin bit is?
              Ive tried to get into that website, but its not loading on this peice of junk machine im using.

              Id really like to go along and watch....


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                According to the website they are on Saturday, Sunday and Monday between 10am and 4pm, no more detailed times. The phone number for info and tickets is 02077290045.

                Hope this helps.


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                  Did anyone else go to this event? I went on the Saturday and I must say the whole event was extremely poorly organised and a bit of a disappointment. The Shaolin display was of course excellent as expected, the monks were on form as usual but the Dome's presentation was dire. A huge stage and masses of seating but even at the front it was difficult to see the detail of what the monks were doing. This wasn't helped by the lighting engineers obviously learning how to use the equipment, randomly turning the back lights on and then, when you get used to it, turning them off again. The announcer clearly had no idea what the monks were doing or even really where they were from, other than China. His intro being almost embarrassing in it's ignorance.

                  We turned up at twelve and despite the opening time being ten o'clock it was still shut. Half hour later, with the crowd getting restless, securty relented and opened up, although only some of the dome until later. The Monks were meant to start at 3pm, but security had no idea. Eventually the stage arena was opened at 3pm and we were meant to sit waiting, without knowing for how long. An anouncement about when the start was would have been nice but obviously too much to ask. Did anyone go on a different day and was it more organised. Incedently I think this was the organisers fault not the Monks, and I don't mind waiting but with a massive PA system I don't think it is too much to expect some information.

                  As far as the context was concerned, as a so called "Festival of Asia" I expected masses of representatives from all different areas with food, clothing, ingredients and assorted goods. What we got was less than twenty stalls with, as far as I could tell, Indian goods; food (to eat there, not to make at home), some jewellery, a few clothes and places to get henna tattoos. Fleshing out the waste of space was Halifax bank, the police, army recruitment presumably to emphasise how non-racist they are by hiring asians (although again all I saw was Indian). Where was the Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc, etc. Last I checked Asia was a massive contenent, the organisers clearly did as little as possible to get businesses and representatives from anywhere else, the monks obviously being the token "non-Indian" attraction.

                  Did anyone else find this to be the case?

                  Anyway I'll stop moaning now, I was just wondering if I was the only one who had this experience.

                  p.s. I had taken a stand and vowed never to go to the millenium dome as it was such a spectacular waste of taxpayers money and this was the only thing that had convinced me to put my morals aside for a day, so you can imagine how even more disapointed I was.


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                    Yeah I also went. The Monks were excelent. But the rest of it was bollocks. The sign at the tube station said to expect 10's of thousands of people. All I saw was a few hundred.

                    And yeah. Stuff all Asia stuff to check out. What the hell were Inland Revenue doing there?

                    All I got was a bag full of free pens hehe. And some fat, pasty, unfit looking airforce guy try to recruit me..

                    And the announcment that the Monks were about to start did all but ShAtTeR my ear drums.. god damn!! turn that shit down.

                    I was disappointed that hardly anyone could see the monks fingers when doing the two finger hand stands.
                    Most would probably have thought, wow... a handstand..... hmmmmmm

                    And why was there a god damn fun fair in the middle??

                    But still, it was cool to see them perform, regardless...

                    If I had know there would be a performance at Shaolin Temple UK though, I would have skipped the dome, and gone there instead.



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                      Shaolin Science,

                      Yeah, I heard it was very poorly organized directly from the monks. They were not happy campers, to say the least!!, and yes it was the organizers who ****ed everything up!

                      The same masters are performing this weekend ( Saturday Sept 5th and Sunday the 6th) at Shaolin Temple UK. They are doing 2 performances each afternoon. It will be organized by Yanzi this time, and it's a good place to watch them up close. I'll definately be there on Sunday.


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                        I went on Sunday (or Monday, depends how you look at it) and boy was it terrible. God, truly the most pathetically organised event I have ever come across.

                        Firstly, the dome itself SUCKS. I truly cannot get over the amount of money that was poured into it - it's just a big damn ROOM! That's all. Doesn't even look nice! Unbelievable, they threw astronomical amounts of cash at it to make it one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions - well they definitely succeeded in creating the worlds biggest tourist flop in history, I'll give them that. And then they bitch about not having any funds for things they really need.

                        M'kay, rant about that over.

                        Now for the event. PATHETIC. I travel God knows where to get a ticket, got about two hours sleep on Saturday night and get up nice and early on Sunday morning to get there in time - 10am it says on the ticket. So I roll up, and the AA kindly force me into reserved parking for which they charge me TEN QUID. Bastards. I turn up at the gates wondering why there's such a lame turnout and am informed that the show doesn't actually start till 3pm. Oh, thanks for telling me that on the ticket! "SHOW: 10am - 3pm.". Duh! Not "Doors open at 10am"! Oh, it did, there on the bottom in teeny handwritten letters! Gee, thanks bud. So I go all the way home, all the while screwed out of ten quid for unused parking which of course they ain’t gonna refund. And I return at three. The shows inside truly sucked - three different dance acts blaring at once; you couldn't hear any single one clearly. The dancers were mediocre. Couldn't walk three feet without someone shoving a leaflet in my face, there were more damn flyer pushers then freakin customers. So after hanging about for a half hour, I finally demand to know what the hell's going on. Oh, the show was cancelled - how nice. How considerate to put up a notice or announcement or something instead of making us all sit around scratching our ass cracks. So I go home pissed off, unfortunately suckered into reassigning my ticket for the next day. I mean, I do love the monks.

                        So this sucker returns the next day for the three o'clock show. Same crappy setup, several different shows playing simultaneously with about a tenth of the seating actually occupied - it was embarrassing. Nothing to actually do except wander around trying to think up of a way to turn this freakin monstrosity into something useful like a gas chamber for people who think of creating places like the dome – or something like that. Eventually the show starts an hour late, no sweat, whoopee. The one thing that was perhaps worth all the stress was the applause when the acts ended. Probably fifteen people out of every two hundred actually clapped when the routines came to an end. Truly hilarious. Then the monks came on and did their thing, which was great - nice performances, but even that was buggered up because the huge damn speakers were blocking half the stage! And they played the same two tracks over and over again! In middle of one track it would randomly switch over to another, and the lights were no different! I felt like inserting a power drill into my cranium after half an hour. Terrible festival. Of course it was the organisers fault; the monks just go where they're told to.

                        Truly the most sadly organised event I have ever come across. Utter, utter waste of time and money. Never again.

                        Apologies to those who enjoyed it, I thought it sucked some major league ass.

                        Ross, that'll teach you to compromise your morality



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                          Glad to hear I wasn't the only one.

                          Definently agree with Jay, if I'd known there was a performance at the temple, the dome wouldn't have had a look in. I wrote a massive e-mail to the organisers, just after, complaining about the utter shambles they were calling an event but typically got no reply.

                          It's a shame that all the organisation Shi Yanzi put in and the monks travelling all the way from China was wasted by people who clearly couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. The shows at the temple should give a better representation of the masters abilities and hopefully the monks can then leave with happier memories of the UK.



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