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    Doc, i said one can you affect my rep so much.. >? 10 points, that's crazy. I'll never see the light side of green again...

    (sniffling in shame)



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      Doc, not only will I never point my phallus towards your almighty baldness, but seeing that I've recently come to be aware of your great reputation taking prowess, I've since decided never to call you old ever again.. Ever!

      Of course, being that your not married...



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        I voted for more time enlighting the goddesses, becaue then I wouldn't have to hear about it.
        To put it in the words of agent J, "H.... No,".
        But in all reality I agree with Shaolinstylee(I like the photo by the way, got to work on getting my own, maybe a nice picture of me running with my bo staff hm...), this forum is pretty advanced. I kind of wished the forum was condensed a bit. For instance, having a TCM forum, and having a health forum? This forum beats some of the stuff I do online projects with.

        Now if some of the book reviews could go on the website. Or perhaps a seperate website? It might be easier to manage that way too. Like having a site specifically devoted to shaolin, wth a site specifically for your school. Then you can hae a banner and they could be linked together. I know it would have been less confusing for me doc. Perhaps a personal blog of your shaolin training?

        Personally, I would avoid using the word "FREE". Say it's complimentory, say it's prepaid, say it's included with membership, doing as advertising, do it out of the goodness of your heart, but never ever say it's free!!!! Because when you say it's free your saying it's without cost, but it does cost you something. Then people won't appreciate it.

        Also perhaps you could the store you could use someone elses cart system. Maybe a slogan like, "Nothing but the best."

        Eeeeeh, so what's up doc?
        "If you want pure self-defense buy a can of mace." Grandmaster Villari (I think that is it).


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