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Learning Muay Boran / Muay Thai in Thailand

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  • Learning Muay Boran / Muay Thai in Thailand

    Hey Doc,

    I've got 2 French buddies at Shaolin that want to train in Thailand for 1-2 months. They want to train in Muay Boran, they explained to me it's traditional Thai fighting, more brutal, featured in the film "Ong Barak". Do you know of any good places that would have food, lodging and Muay Boran training included for 200 euros per month? I told them I think that's too little money, especially during my last trip to Thailand I was surprised how expensive things were. I checked out the Fairtex website and it's about $150/week, too expensive for them. I'm assuming world class training though. Thanks for your help.

    Everybody wants to be Jean Claude VanDamme.

    Did you know, that in the movie "The Quest", which, was partly filmed in Thailand, VanDamme had five stunt doubles, that did most of his fighting? My Muay Thai master was in the movie, watched the filming of the whole thing. This question brought that nonsense to mind.

    Muay Boran is a more traditional Thai fighting style than is commonly taught, but it is not commonly taught anymore, because there is no sport in it. Senseless to do. The reason why, is that, according to my Muay Thai teacher here in Thailand, Muay Boran is no different from the commonly taught Muay Thai, with basically, two exceptions. And these two exceptions, make this request, well, stupid.

    In Muay Boran, fighting is done without gloves. Instead of using gloves, the two fighters wrap a piece of rope around their hands. Generally, fights are shorter, with one good punch leading to the so-called "knockout". The other difference is, in Muay Boran, if an opponent decides that he's had enough, all he has to do is lie down on the floor; doing so makes him immune to further strikes. (Striking an opponent who submits by lying on the floor, leads to automatic loss of the match.) Otherwise, Muay Boran is the same as Muay Thai. Same techniques. A win in Muay Boran is based on knocking the opponent out; same in Muay Thai, but, there is also a point structure in the sport version, based upon contact.

    Muay Boran is street fighting. Pure and simple. If your friends want to learn it, tell them to come to Thailand, learn Muay Thai, and then go back to France, wrap rope around their hands, and beat the **** out of their fellow compatriots. Maybe in the process, they'll grow up a bit, and realize what a stupid immature request this is. If they really want to see it, you can still find some Muay Boran fights up in the northern Thailand area, around the Burmese border. Occasionally, they still do these dangerous fights, that is, when they're not running drugs or murdering each other. But, real Muay Buran is not too common anymore, it's looked down upon here in Thailand. If they're really bored, and desirous of even more fun, tell them to go to Brooklyn and watch the Italians beat each other with baseball bats.

    Besides, you can't live and train, as a westerner in Thailand, for 200 Euro's (about 215 USD) a month. Maybe, instead of learning how to pummel each other sensless with little ropes tied around their hands, they might consider the possibility of finding employment. And then come to Thailand and do the country right. And learn the art, for the art's sake, and not for some ridiculous "I'm tough" ego self-gratification.

    The things that people want to do....
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    doc, i am sorry to say, but i am convinced this is the reason the martial arts are at all popular in america today.


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      If you guys have ever seen the film "Secret of the Warrior's Power", there's a section where Sifu Dennis Brown gives a great interview regarding these things, like why we get into martial arts in the first place and all that. (The DVD is even better, it has extended interviews with Sifu Pan Qingfu and Dennis Brown.)
      a true gongfu system must have the four major aspects of combat to be complete, "striking", "Kicking", Chin'na (joint-locking), and Shuai-Jiao (Wrestling)... in addition it must combine the internal with the external...


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        there's another thing you need to send to me, meat


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