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Interest in training in the Shaolin temple

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  • Interest in training in the Shaolin temple

    Hello Doc, I am a 22 year old, American male, and a friend as well as myself are quite interested in attending the Shaolin Temple for training. I read pretty much your entire site and it really helped me out (mainly the survivor tips in China and or Shaolin) with knowing what I'm in for if I decide to go on with it. My friend and I very much want to go and so far there hasn't been in second-guessing on this trip. There were a few questions I had for you though: Did you have to pay money for them to teach you kung fu? Your place of living did you have to pay anything? How did you go about getting the chance to have them train you? In the survivor tips you stated that you had to travel or move often, what did you mean as in? Did it cost any? I am wanting to go to the temple, and learn the many arts and to travel to see the temple would also be excellent, but I am having so much trouble in finding info about the temple until I came upon your site. Indeed if you can answer my question and also add any info that maybe needed in helping me find what I am looking for. Please e-mail me at xxxxxxxx. It would be much appreciated.

    Thank You,

    As far as paying money for training, I don't. But you will. Prices vary depending upon where you go, and who you train with.
    As far as living quarters, I have to pay, but I pay a greatly reduced rate because they know me. Again, prices are variable depending upon where you stay.
    I initially went on a group tour, and then, after getting to know them, just kept going back. I'm coming up on my thirteenth trip this week. Not sure if this is going to be a good one or not, lol.
    Local travel is cheap, either by taxi or tuk tuk.

    I suggest, that if you want to go to Shaolin, that you go on an established tour, with a group, for at least, the first time. There are many reasons for this. Traveling in China, and not knowing the people, the place, or the language, can be very, very intimidating and difficult. Going to Beijing and the major cities are fairly easy; going to Dengfeng, which is in the middle of dumb**** China, is difficult. I don't suggest going alone or cold, not knowing anybody. It won't be a fun experience, unless you're into doing those things.

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