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What should I be when I grow up....?

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  • What should I be when I grow up....?

    Hey doc,
    I stumbled across your website and may have found someone who can offer an opnion. My name is xxx xxxx, i'm 18 and live in england, UK. If i make this email basic and i get lucky and you reply then I will tell you everything you might need to know to help me. I understand that you are busy and so also understand if you do not reply.

    Moving on to the problem then:
    Basically i'm torn between two lives, I've always wanted to be a pilot and my dream has become reality, after many medicals interviews i've been offered a place on the pilot scholarship award scheme( They want me to fly fast jets for them) as you can imagine i am pretty chuffed!) Heres where the problem is, i have a passion for Martial arts, but its more than a passion its a driving force. I've tried many different styles and have settled with taekwondo for the simple reason that i get to train with national champions every day. The buss i get form it is unbelievable, my coasch says i have what it takes to go further. Nevertheless, its not enough or its not quite what i feel i need.

    The problem is i, well i cant even describe it. I feel drivin to lead a different lifestyle, a simpler cleaner lifestlye, i want to study with a passion, and i believe that china and the way of a shoalin is the one for me. I can undserstand that you would think i'm too hasty or that u willl suggest to go for a month, but i believe its more than that and the problem is i have to decide soon. I apologise about the jummbled mess, i'd like to tell you more. Any advice or reply would be welcomed, thanks again

    China and Shaolin is not the way for you. Or, for anybody else, for that matter. There are requirements for living in the temple, and you don't meet them. None of us do. And if you did, you wouldn't like it. Hell, a good deal of the martial monks don't, why the hell should you? The reasons for my comments can be found in the site. You've got a lot of reading to do. Get going.

    I can fully understand wanting a life in the martial arts. I can also understand your frustration with Tae Kwon Do. It's great stuff, but it might not feel "complete". Lots of people have left training in their various original styles, myself included, for something that offers them "more". That's one reason why I moved on to Shaolin. But a life completely dedicated to the Shaolin arts? I don't think so.

    The problem is, there are some basic issues in life that need to be resolved before one can find happiness, and, even, survive. One thing is money. The other is education. You don't progress in life without either. You have to be able to put food on the table in order to survive. And unfortunately, survival is far more important than learning new Shaolin forms. The whole idea of living in a temple, learning martial arts, and having all of your worldly needs fulfilled, is meant for only a very rare few. A very rare few domestic Chinese who end up in a temple somewhere. And lord knows, in my opinion anyway, they may be getting "enlightened", but they're missing out on everything that the outside world has to offer. And, some of them know it.

    Having a life dedicated solely to the martial arts outside of China is possible, and many have done it, and some have even done well with it. But the problem is, the initial passion that one has for the martial arts eventually turns into a routine, for once you've made the martial arts your career, it becomes less of a passion, and more of a job. If you love the martial arts, and it's your passion, then keep it your passion. There's no reason why you can't spend at least part of the rest of your life learning Shaolin, or some other martial arts. I started the Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan in Las Vegas because Shaolin has become my passion. My goal is to bring some monks over so that others can derive the benefits of training with them, just as I had. I'm not doing it to make money, and to this day, we haven't made money. But, it's not my career; I don't need it to survive. I do it because it's my passion. If you can live your life, spending time with your passion, and at the same time, have a successful career, then, I think you're doing it right.

    To be brief, and to keep this simple, forget the nonsense that the media and the movies have glorified about this whole Shaolin thing.

    Become a pilot.

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