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  • SARS

    If you have watched the news lately I'm sure you have heard of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Pryor to the current epidemic, the disease was unknown to man.

    There are over 2700 confirmed cases, more than 2000 of which are in China. There have been 106 confirmed SARS deaths.

    It is an airborne virus. It possibly can also be contracted by touch (through the pores in the skin). It can live for an unusually long time outside the body -meaning that objects contaminated by SARS victims will stay contaminated and dangerous for much longer than they would with other diseases.

    SARS doesn't respond to anything in the conventional medical arsenal. We know nothing about its origin, except that it is suspected to have originated in Hong Kong. We don't know the incubation period. We don't know who is or is not at risk or any other factors that might contribute to a person becoming infected (age, sex, health, diet, hygeine, etc.) We know almost nothing about it except that it can be deadly and it is extremely contagious.

    The CDC and WHO are both advising people to not travel to Asia, -particularly China.

    Are you in China now? Will this affect any plans you might have to go to China in the near future (or to bring people with you)?

    Thanks, -Michael

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    read the journal section

    doc is believed to have contracted and fought off the illness!!


    "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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      I just read it. That's crazy! I didn't know that SARS was mentioned anywhere else on the sight. I bet Doc is glad he chose to become a doctor. I have'nt had very much time to goof off on the computer lately because of my research proposal and other papers that will be due soon.


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