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Eleuthero Ginseng, is it any good?

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  • Eleuthero Ginseng, is it any good?

    Hey Doc, I've heard different things from different people about Eleuthero (aka siberian) ginseng and I was wondering if you knew what the physiological effects of it are. If you feel like going into a dissertation on the effects of panax ginseng as well, go for it. I've been told by some that eleuthero ginseng is stronger than panax ginseng, and by others that eleuthero ginseng is worthless snake oil purchased by americans who dont know any better. So, what do you know about the subject?
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    Ginseng makes your dick hard.

    Need I say anything else??

    I'm not savvy enough about the subject to advise you on what type of ginseng works better. You can get ginseng from many different areas in Asia, and, to complicate it a bit, you can also get ginseng not only from many different areas in China, but, even different pharmacy houses in Beijing sell different qualities of the stuff, I guess, all depending upon what farm is growing it the best that week.

    And does it work? I haven't the slightest idea. I've been told that it does, and I've been told that it increases a male's sex drive, but, I don't know. In my professional opinion, a male probably doesn't need the help, unless he's suffering from some sort of disease which inhibits the whizzer from doing its wonderful work, such as cardiac disease or diabetes. No doubt, there's a placebo effect associated with it.

    Ginseng is also good for energy and for health. It's a favorite addition to Traditional Chinese Medicines. albeit an expensive one. Whether it works for energy or for health, I'm not sure. To be frank, though I'm a believer of TCM medicines, I'm not sure their efficacy has been proven. It's an interesting subject.

    Tell you what. Hell, I'm in Phuket. I'll grab some ginseng, and some little cutey, and I'll let you know in the morning.


    Oh, BTW. A ****ing dissertation?? You guys are starting to expect dissertations from me now?? LOL, go back and read the hamster diatribe again, and leave me some time to find a wife. My mother wants me to find a wife....
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      The information is very interesting. I like the post.


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