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Equipment Malfunction!

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  • Equipment Malfunction!

    I was working out today. Did a little staff, some of the new TC double fan form, and then I picked up my old nunchaku and was trying to remember an old form, busting moves like a femme superhero (natch ) when the chain pulled out and the loose poplar handle that I carved my initials into 6 years ago beaned me full speed smack on the upper right forehead.

    Which leads to my question: how does one get rid of the lump quickly? I've had eggs before but not this pronounced. Simply lovely.
    Whatever doesn't kill me had better be able to run damn fast.

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    Ice it to reduce the swelling.

    are you using the old "i got hit in the head with my nunchakus." excuse to cover up the fact that your muslim husband beat you for your infidelity to him?

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      Ice. Elevation. Time. And make sure that someone is with you to ascertain your level of conciousness. Any change in mental state, and off to the hospital with you.

      Concern here, with any blow to the temple, is a fracture of the skull, with damage to the artery underneath, resulting in an epidural hematoma.

      If you're reading this, more than likely you don't have one. But you have to be careful of the temple area, because that's a thin part of the skull, and the artery underneath can tear with fracture to the overlying bone, resulting in bleeding in the space above the dura, and subsequently, intracranial mass effects, sometimes leading to death.

      It's a target on an opponent that you'd use, for example, with a kubaton, weapon, or even fist/foot, if you really want to hurt / damage someone. I don't ever suggest hitting anyone in the head, especially, in the temple regions.
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        Thanks Doc.

        Headache this morning but I did ice it last night and the knot is all but gone... not even a bruise there, just a little redness left.
        Whatever doesn't kill me had better be able to run damn fast.

        "You are one of the most self-deluded immature idiots I've come across here for a time..." —Blooming T. Lotus


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          no i've never suffered from "equipment malfunction!" oh..i mean.. that's too bad. hope you're feeling a little better. are you in the business of fixing your weapon or buying a new one?


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