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Doc goes to Kashmir

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  • Doc goes to Kashmir


    (Your Student xxxxxxx )



    Dear Sir ,

    I pray for your health ,Happiness and Hope that you will be all Enjoying Martial Arts and Life .

    My dear Sir , First of all let me invite you to visit Kashmir (India) ,It is been said that if there is heaven on earth it is KASHMIR , I hope that you will enjoy a lot from here , the moutains , Dal lake , Shikaras and lots more .

    Although It is a long time after which I am contacting , but as I am proud to be the a kind of student of this prestigeous orginisation and more strongly a helpful man like you ,I always love to do it .

    Please accept my heartiest Congratulations Because of the great, great and Enormous devolpment in the Structure of RUSSBO Website.May God spread Shaolin To every nook and corner of world.

    Now let me Update you a bit about the progress in my martial art School :

    After doing the Diploma and Black Sash in Kungfu , I am just Preapearing a thesis with the Subject of Shaolin Kung fu for Compeleting my Phd. in martial Arts.

    In this connection i have got offers from Some universities but I want to Get it from Any International University and So I strongly Appel you to Please give me a good Suggetion regarding Phd Viz. Where to do it , What will be Best for me , Can I Do It From Universities of USA(Please Check Carefully Because it will be my dream comming True).

    I am also planning to more Actively Practice Shaolin and Spread Its message , In this view I may Need Your Help and thus I will contact you latter about this and Requirment , So as to make a Compelete Shaolin Instution In Kashmir.

    Rest please and please keep me Updating about the Events , and all about RUSSBO .

    Waiting eagerly for your Reply ,

    Yours Student,

    xxxxxxx Bin xxxxxx
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    you see that? HIS EXCELLENCY, MR. RICHARD RUSSEL. if that's not proof you're running a cult overseas, i don't know what is.

    by the way, if this guy can get a Ph.D. in kung fu, where can i get my Ph.D. in rock & roll? on second thought, maybe i should ask BL about that.


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      Kashmir, what a fancy sounding name. I always wondered if Kashmir continually pumped out it's fancy material from sweatshops or something. I don't know, I think of it like, Nikeville or Air Jordan Valley.
      Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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        Originally posted by LeiYunFat
        ...I don't know, I think of it like, Nikeville or Air Jordan Valley.
        We call those places "Guatemala".
        Whatever doesn't kill me had better be able to run damn fast.

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          Yeah but I'm going off the books here. We all know Guatemalens prefer, "Nikeans."
          Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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