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  • doc
    Who's gonna protect our beloved FLW's ?

    Hey Richie!
    How's life half a world away? We miss you. Have you gotten to the temple yet? Is that where you were going? Have you been eating that mystery meat again? Is it cold over there? Was your flight okay? Was it more stressful because of the upcoming war? The news is saying that we will probably be in war by next week. They were saying that the minute the war starts the airports will be notified and the will most likely be in lockdown. Do they already know something that we don't? Then, they were saying that Las Vegas is the only city to have a Guidlines to War Handbook. They are I think available at police stations and most likely some other places. It is telling people that Las Vegas (the city as a whole) will be under a sort of lockdown as well, and that people should go buy food and water and other misc. items. I don't think they're focusing on duct tape this time. Anyways, it kind of makes you wonder if the govn't has certain info for only this city to go through exterme measures. I guess if nothing else happens, at least the grocery stores will benefit. Also, it says if we go to war then American Airlines will probably go belly up. I hope you have a reliable airline. Please be careful over there. I'm not up to date on the N. Korea scoop, but please be careful.

    We are leaving back to Kansas on Fri morning. I wish we could stay a litle longer but Dude is getting too spoiled. I've got to get him back and get him back into his routine. You know you could email me sometimes---you snob! I like to hear from you.

    Take care,

    Richie??? Richie???

    I've been called lots of things, like, asshole, shithead (my mom's favorite), ****face, moron, loser, overwhelming anomaly of modern civilization (my girlfriend's favorite), and plague on society, but "Richie", if I may remind you, is not a very fitting moniker for the great bald one. Further use on your part may result in ostacization from society, or, if you're lucky, a slow and prolonged painful assassination.

    Oh and you had better click those heels and get going. "Dude, we're not in Kansas anymore...."

    naka "Richie"

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  • doc
    started a topic FLW's


    Hey Doc,

    Glad to see you made it there. Sorry to hear that it is cold and snowy, Vegas is 70 degrees and it’s a nice day outside.

    The Blonde has not called for a week, maybe I finally got rid of the whore. I hate all these Money Hungry Little Bitches at Church, not going for awhile.

    Take care of yourself there, war is starting…


    You don't realize how ****ed up these money hungry little whores are until you get away from them. Just don't miss them. Why I deal with them is beyond me. Now, where's the local church here in Beijing, doc's gotta pray...

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