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The "doc hates Yanming's family" email

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    Yeah, I didn't specify that the amounts I was discussing were for next semester if I sign a new contract, not month to month. Needless to say I won't be signing a new contract with them.

    However, the meeting didn't go as planned. I ended up doing the bitching. Because my contract is about to be up in a month or so the school has decided it would be better to keep my pathetic, unable to teach ass around. Now the number, for the third time, jumped to 5000 p/month. This was about the time I had had it with the smoke and bullshit ! I let my boss know all the shit that is wrong with the school and his inability to manage us foreign teachers, and suprisingly he agreed, most of the time. So along with my balls that I pulled back out of my ass I apparently redeemed my respect. At least that's what I would like to tell myself. The reality of the situation is that I'm another foreign "face" that they would like to have around next year as long as they don't lose me. F**KERS !!!

    Actually, the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper but I don't really want to go in to detail.

    Just as a word of advise to anyone planning to teach in China, do a lot of research in to what you should be able to expect from a contract before coming here, such as pay (6000rmb p/m) housing, vacation pay, hours teaching, weekends off, assistance in securing your visa/residency permit, etc. Also, when you do find a school you are interested in, try and contact a teacher who has taught there before to really get the low down on the situation there. Anyone interested can feel free to contact me, just let me know.
    For example, you would love my boss and think he was the greatest guy in the world as long as you've never worked for him. Turns out he's a snake. A piece of two faced shit. If there's a hell, he'll be down there suckin Sadam's cock someday.
    "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest


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      I never thought I'd see the day. Two bastions of Russbo. At it.

      I really don't get the chance to post like I used to, but I regularly catch up with (most) of the shenanigans that occur here.

      You guys should simmer down...what happened to getting along, despite your beliefs.

      And Arhat could never leave...

      If only we could replace some of the new dickheads with a few of the old ones...


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        "wow" is right!!!

        what's up lip? how've u been? you shouldn't stay away so long.. (you've been missed.)

        anyhow, hope you're well...


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          Whats up, G. As inconceivable as it is, I miss this place too. Everything’s good man, busy.

          I keep on saying I’ll hook up an Internet line, and I will get around to it one day; then hopefully I can post more regularly. Right now catching up every now and then has to suffice. But this thread necessitated a response.

          I seriously never thought I would see this coming. I mean, Docs views on YM have been established in the past. Nothing new there. What’s with the sudden animosity? If what Arhat says is correct then he was misquoted, and doesn't deserve a thread telling him what an asshole he is - as that's what obviously pissed you off, Doc.

          And if I was called anyone’s minion, I’d be pissed.

          Doc, you can never hope for anyone to be convinced of your point of view while you’re telling them what they believe is laughable, or comical. Especially if it’s a significantly held belief. Doesn’t enhance one’s potential for communication much. I would have thought you’d know that.

          Seriously, watching you two fight does me no good. Too much bitterness on this site as of late.

          Chow, I think I have a message or two from you I haven’t read. I’m confused as to how old they are. I just noticed them.
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            "basically though, no one said you hate his family or even have any feeling about his family personally or individually. it's wrong for you to have assumed that and titled this thread as such"

            "so basically thats what it was. that was also a long while ago. it seems since then you must have let it run wild in your mind and somehow came up with "doc hates yanming's family" which is ridiculous." - LFJ

            This thread is an interesting example of escalation. Don't allow bitterness to destroy a perfectly decent friendship.

            And I know I'm only a young pup, Doc, but a wise man learns from everything.
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              You guys should make up with a shared head-conditioning session with some fluffy pillows in your local curch. One pillow each.


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                Lippy, nice to see you back. Hope you are well. Had any cars stolen lately?

                Let's look at a few things here; I think some of you have missed the point. First, you might want to look at my original post. Personally, as I've said before, I care nothing for Yanming's family, or anything that Yanming does. I know things about him that I have not discussed, nor will I publicly, and he's had an impact on affairs in my life and my friend's lives that have really affected what we've tried to do. He does not have my respect. Period. If he has other's, that's fine, I have nothing against that.

                Second. Minion: a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power. Arhat and the others have made it very clear that they are Yanming's minions. They are his disciples, and they seem to be proud of it. If he's pissed that I referred to him as a "minion", than, that's too bad. He put himself in that position. The way that he defends YM on a regular basis, without really knowing what he is dealing with, is in my opinion, sad. But, it's his choice, and I really don't care.

                Third, and what I do care about, is that fact that these people have created a bullshit story, involving me, that I had nothing to do with, all for the sole purpose of trying to persuade others, whom I have never met, in their efforts to negate any sort of negativity that Yanming generates.

                I don't like to be used. Period. And that, was the point. Which, it seems, everybody missed.

                Personally, I find this behavior yet another example of the cult like behavior that Yanming's group seems to exhibit. Let's look at the following, from

                A cult is a group or movement that, to a significant degree, exhibits great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea, or thing; uses a thought reform program to persuade, control, and socialize members (to integrate them into the group's unique pattern of relationships, beliefs, values, and practices); systematically induces states of pyschological dependency in members; exploits members to advance the leadership's goals; and causes psychological harm to members, their families, and the community.
                I don't want lies about me to be used as fodder for their persuasive activities.
                Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

                "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

                (more comments in my User Profile)


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                  Last quote from LFJ. Promise.

                  as you can see i said it was something best left to the email. because i was just asking his opinion and it need not be made into something public and create bad air, as if there were any. it was a light comment.

                  but obviously keeping it simple wasnt satisfactory. more controversy had to be made. even between shaolin family on the same side. its ridiculous, if you ask me.

                  no one ever made such a comment that was to start this thread. thats all part of the lovely controversy. and it doesnt matter who.

                  Good to be conversing with you again, Doc. I am very well. A lot has happened since I moved to Israel, thankfully nothing involving stolen cars. Although maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon. But I would probably find it easier getting away with booby-trapping my car and maiming someone in the process here than back in England. Something like a bear trap round the pedals, with a remote switch. That could work. Yeah.

                  And I hope I find you in good health.

                  Anyway, I guess I did miss the point – I see this is about more than I originally anticipated. I appreciate what you’re saying. Fair enough – none of my concern. Arhat is more then capable of defending himself if he chooses to do so.

                  I just thought that whatever was said was more of a casual comment between two people rather then a public announcement. I mean, it’s not as if he went around pasting up posters with the opinions of Richard Russell MD, quoted or misquoted, everywhere. Therein lies the difference.

                  Anyways, peace.


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                    Interesting. I got a month min ban from myself this morning.

                    The comment SYM left me with, is that they ( alll the other members) are violent and advises mee to seek professional help for it. Then he signed off telling me to go make music with someone and by citing amitabah.
                    Apparently with his new abbocy at usast, he is pretty forthcoming with "amitabah/ pureland " chitchat.
                    as I said. very interesting.
                    It is just me or is there a whole world wide big self : dependance : indepandance revolution afoot?

                    I agree about the minion thing, btw.

                    I agree.

                    no wonder he calls himself the wolf.


                    Blooming tianshi lotus.
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                      edit on above

                      Interesting. I got a month min ban from myself this morning.

                      The comment SYM left me with, is that they ( alll the other members) are violent and advises mee to seek professional help for it. Then he signed off telling me to go make music with someone and by citing amitabah.
                      Apparently with his new abbocy at usast, he is pretty forthcoming with "amitabah/ pureland " chitchat.
                      as I said. very interesting.
                      It is just me or is there a whole world wide big self ( which ii think is about relationships and brahmin evolution) : dependance : indepandence and acceptance of samsara revolution afoot or what?

                      I agree about the minion thing, btw.

                      I agree.
                      and further more, I think that he ( sym) is telling me that's the best they can do, whatddyou want for it.

                      no wonder Frankenstein he calls himself the wolf. @).


                      Blooming tianshi lotus.


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                        what do you mean? would you mind saying what thread it's in? how could you get banned because sym feels the posters on his site are violent?


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                          What he actually said was this


                          Originally posted by ShaolinWolf:
                          oooooohhhhhh boooooyyy!!!!
                          what is going on here? I feel like shutting this place down for two weeks or something.

                          everybody here is attacking BL. she is in a corner and can only defend herself. stop this.

                          BL: stop wasting your time on a board like this. you are far too much in your head. get out. sports can help. socialize with people you can build trust with. make music, not alone, with others.
                          seek professional help. you have stuff to work through AND you have the intelligence to get through this.
                          don't hang around here. you will just keep building these tempting intellectual buildings in your mind. this will not get you anywhere.

                          Everybody: back off.


                          [end quote]

                          followed by this


                          BL: you did not understand a single word I said.
                          sorry, but you are outta here, for at least one month.


                          [end quote]

                          Here you go. here's the link.


                          I was only member there for the last yr or so, but it's not moderated over there and it is a serious play ground for alot of b.s.
                          but very educational, nonetheless.

                          some of the shit that's been said about me there, is just vile. I have noo idea wtf to say it.

                          anyway, I think it's all the same revolution/ evolutionary kettle of sh*t as alot of the rest of what we talk about is, so check it out if you like. rhetorical / out in samadhi works with me . I think's it's liiittle more consistent a phenomena than most ppl get aand I think it's just a wee bit intricate.

                          love it.

                          Blooming tianshi lotus.


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                            btl is delusional. shi yanming never spoke to her. that was his disciple "shaolinwolf" (shi hengxin- austria branch) who runs the site. shi yanming has never posted there and has nothing to do with the site personally.

                            and "shaolinwolf" calls himself wolf because thats his real name, wolfgang. (nice try, btl)

                            btl got banned because she cannot see clearly. wolf tried to make it clear to her why being there was not a good thing. (everyone getting annoyed and attacking her, her having deeper problems that need professional help, and her participation on message boards only perpetuating that illness.)

                            her next response showed she could not listen to any sort of reason and didnt get anything wolf was saying. so, she got to take a break for a while. there was an entire thread in which just about all members petitioned to have her banned, which prompted this event. (thread now deleted)

                            and now she's here to cry about it, of course without giving a clear picture of what happened (because she cant see that), and of course to sling insults at shi yanming and his "minions" after running around backing what shi yanming is all about.

                            for her own good. i think she should be banned from the internet.


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                              Read my very first post here again.

                              Interesting email. I am "maybe a little put off by sym as of late because (I) dont' approve of his family." Comical.

                              Just curious. Did anyone specify which family? The one he has in America, or the one he left behind in China?

                              Just to set the matter straight, I really have nothing against the fact that Yanming has two families, nor do I have any hard feelings against either of them, or, for that matter, Yanming. I never met his families, and I really doubt that I ever will. Nor do I care to.
                              You have people there claiming that I don't like Yanming's family.

                              Well, I didn't abandon a wife and two young children to fend for themselves in the harsh "no social net" world of China....

                              It's so moronic it's comical.
                              Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

                              "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

                              (more comments in my User Profile)


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                                but btl was just using shi yanming and his enlightenment in one of her "buddhist" arguments. now she's here insulting him.

                                funny how emotions can change your entire perception of people. wonder if that somehow changes her whole buddhist view too.

                                funny how it can all just fall apart without solid foundation.


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